Sins of the Father
Alternate Ending

Christopher jumped into action immediately. He removed the chain and felt for a pulse. Nothing. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!” He hammered Jim’s chest, and performed emergency CPR, willing the boy – HIS boy – to live.

It wasn’t working. Chris struggled against panic. He forced himself to step away and slammed on his communications unit. “McCoy! My quarters IMMEDIATELY, and bring a med kit!” Without waiting for an answer, he ran back to Jim and resumed CPR, knowing it wouldn’t work. Knowing there was a distinct possibility that by the time McCoy got there, it would be too late.

He kept trying, despite the heaviness on his chest when he saw that Jim still wasn’t responding. He tried, past the point where his rational mind had given up hope. Past the point where his own tears began to blind him. He was barely aware of the noises behind him. Barely conscious of being pulled away from his boy by strong, warm hands.

He watched with a sense of near-detachment as McCoy got to work, clearly shoving past his own panic and letting the Doctor take over. His hands worked quickly and surely, checking Kirk’s vitals, attaching the emergency respirator, filling the hypo with adrenaline. Pike wanted to move closer, but he was still held by those strong hands. He tore his eyes away long enough to glance back and see the face he knew he would – Spock, looking as strained as any Vulcan could – face pale, dark, smoldering eyes intent on the scene before them.

Christopher looked back at the bed. McCoy was still working furiously, a slight sheen of sweat shining in the moonlight from Pike’s broad windows. When he saw Jim’s chest suddenly heave, Pike’s knees buckled and he would have fallen if Spock hadn’t been holding him up. He let out a choked sob of relief, and felt Spock’s hands grip him tightly, heard him take in a sharp breath – the only outward signs of his own intense relief.

“That’s right, Jim,” McCoy said softly. “That’s right, baby, come back to us. Come back to us, please.” Pike couldn’t hold back a shudder, and felt a deep pang of guilt for what he’d almost done when he heard the crack in Leonard’s voice, and felt the tremor from Spock’s hands. Jim let out a series of hacking coughs, and finally gasped and opened his eyes. He tried to pull away, but Leonard gently pressed him back to the bed. “It’s okay, Jim,” he said softly. “It’s Bones, everything’s going to be okay.”

A shudder coursed through Jim’s body, and Pike tensed. It was coming. Now, he would be found out. The boy whimpered and looked around the room. When he saw Pike, his eyes widened, and he started to cry. Len shushed him, trying to calm him down, but he scrambled backward, like he wanted to get out of the window above the bed. “No,” he whimpered. “No, no!”

“Shhh, it’s okay,” Leonard said.

Spock let Pike go and went to the other side of the bed. He placed a hand on the side of Kirk’s head. “I assure you, Jim, we will let no harm come to you.” Jim looked at them both, and managed a small smile through the respirator mask. He believed. He trusted them, and he settled down immediately.

“What the hell happened?” the doctor asked, still carefully checking Jim’s vitals, and making adjustments to the respirator.

“H-he…” Jim’s voice was raspy and weak. Pike felt another pang of guilt. “I c-called ‘bridge’, and h-he… didn’t s-stop.”

Two heads turned slowly toward him, and two pairs of darkly menacing eyes glared at him. Spock straightened, and said in a voice vibrating with barely contained rage, “Is this true?”

It might have been a rhetorical question. It was obvious that Jim would never lie about something like this, even if he’d been in a position to lie at the moment. Still, Spock was giving him the chance to excuse himself. He could do nothing but nod. Then, he shuddered. Leonard and Spock both fixed him with expressions of unspeakable rage. Spock turned to McCoy. “Leonard. Take care of Jim.”

McCoy nodded slowly, clearly unwilling to leave Pike to Spock, but unable to leave Jim. Spock looked down at Jim, and leaned close. He kissed Jim’s forehead, and asked, “Do you want us to take this to Starfleet Command?” Jim glanced at Pike and shuddered. He frowned uncertainly, and Leonard gently rubbed his arm.

“It’s okay, whatever you decide, honey. It’s okay.”

Jim swallowed hard, and shook his head, then immediately buried his face in Len’s shoulder. Spock nodded, and briefly touched Jim’s shoulder again. Then he turned to Pike, and slowly moved toward him, vibrating from head to toe. Pike straightened, marshalling all the courage he possibly could. It was only a trick – one that Spock would see through instantly as the bravado he taught to his students in Command classes. Still, he felt proud of himself for managing not to tremble – it was more than most could do in the face of a furious Vulcan.

Spock walked to within a few inches of Christopher, and the so-far impassive brows came down and met in the center of his forehead. Pike swallowed. After a few tense seconds, Spock said in a low voice, “You have violated a sacred trust, Captain Pike. You will pay for what you have done.”

Pike waited for Spock to turn away before allowing the shudder to course through him. When he came back, Spock was holding Pike’s special cane. Despite the circumstances, Pike scowled. “You can’t-”

Silence!” Pike shut his mouth, chilled by the (literally) inhuman scream. Spock lifted the rod, and gripped it so tightly that his knuckles turned white. Pike swallowed again. Spock stepped so close to Pike that he could feel his warm breath against his face. With a voice as dark and menacing as his eyes, Spock said, “On. Your. Knees.”


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