Sins of the Father
Michelle Perry

“On your knees.”

His boy sank down to his knees immediately. Christopher looked down at him, tracing the length of the chain connecting the choke collar around his neck directly to Pike’s hand. Power. The sight of his trembling, slightly sweaty frame was beautiful to behold. He could just see the edges of the lash marks he’d just made on Kirk’s back. Not too many, and not too deep. Just enough to get him properly subdued. Now, the red welts on his shoulders, and the mingled fear, anticipation and pleasure he could see on his boy’s face were enough to make nearly bring him off all by themselves.

But not yet. Definitely not yet. “Are you ready to make your daddy happy?”

Kirk shuddered and dared to look up. “Yes, Daddy.”

Pike smiled at the humble tone. “Open your mouth.” He obeyed, again immediately, and Chris grabbed his hair and pulled his head forward, shuddering himself when he felt the cadet’s warm, wet mouth take him in. Jim worked his particular brand of magic with mouth and tongue. His oral capabilities were one of the many reasons Pike had chosen him above all the other potential candidates as his particularly favored son. He allowed himself to moan and shudder freely as Kirk’s strong, but impossibly gentle tongue stroked and swirled around him, and his lips applied just the right pressure and release. He gripped his boy’s hair tighter, hand shaking with the intensity of the sensations. He knew he had to be hurting the boy, but he didn’t care. That was the point, wasn’t it?

When he came, with an explosive scream, he held his boy’s face close, listening as he swallowed everything, and licked him clean as he knew he should. He let him go, and allowed him to finish his work, licking his thighs where the cum had dribbled down, cleaning him entirely, and leaving only the delicious cool of his saliva on his legs and his cock. He looked down and fixed the boy with an approving smile. “Good boy.”

Pleasure lit up Jim’s eyes, and he smiled. “Thank you, sir.” Pike scowled, and backhanded the boy hard across the face. He gasped and his pleased smile turned to a horrified expression. “I’m sorry, Daddy, I’m sorry! Please don’t be mad!”

“It’s too late, boy! You fucked up, and now you’re going to have to work to make it better!”

“I’ll do anything,” he said, struggling to keep the tears out of his voice.

“I know.” He jerked the choke chain, cutting off Kirk’s air supply until his eyes widened, and he saw real fear in the boy’s eyes. He stopped when he felt certain that Jim was going to mouth the safe word. Jim collapsed to the floor, coughing and gasping for air with raspy breaths. Pike looked down at him, his dick already starting to tingle again from the sight. He planted his foot squarely on the small of Kirk’s back and shoved him down, flat on his stomach. “Dirty little fuck,” he hissed. Kirk whimpered, and Pike allowed himself a smile. “Why are you in trouble?”

“Because I called you ‘sir’, Daddy,” he said meekly, already trying to fix things by his tone.

“What do you think would be a suitable punishment for that?” His boy shuddered slightly, apparently afraid to answer. Pike slammed his foot down on Kirk’s back, partially knocking the wind out of him. “I can’t hear you, son.”

“Th-the… the c-cane?” he choked out, fighting his hesitation, and his halting breaths.

“I agree with that. Stay where you are.”

Pike left the cadet prostrate on the floor, taking a moment to gaze at his trembling body before striding to find the meter-long, leather-bound wooden rod he used as his “cane”. It was practically priceless, and it brought him all the more pleasure to know just how much it was worth when he used it for his not-so-guilty pleasures. He hooked the leather handle around his wrist, and walked slowly back to stand beside his favorite boy. “Are you ready?”

Jim tensed, but nodded. “Yes, Daddy.”

Pike raised the cane and brought it down hard on Jim’s back. Jim cried out, unabashed. Daddy preferred it when his favored boy didn’t try to hold his screams back, unless instructed him to. Wasn’t as much fun otherwise. He struck again, putting much – but not all – of his force into the blow, and grinning with pleasure when Jim screamed again. Four more strikes against his already raw back, and Jim was whimpering and shuddering uncontrollably, and Pike was fully hard again.

“On the edge of the bed, face down.”

Jim struggled to his feet, without specifically acknowledging the order. Pike let it slide. He didn’t want the boy so hurt that fucking him wouldn’t be enjoyable. He watched, stroking himself ever so slightly, while Jim took his position, leaning over the edge of Pike’s bed, his ass right at Pike’s hip level. He’d pulled strings and had extra padding added so that the average human would be exactly in the right place when he positioned them this way. Being one of the best captains in the fleet had its advantages.

Pike found one of his larger anal plugs and held it in front of Jim’s face. His boy shuddered. “Would you like this inside you, son?”

Jim continued to tremble. Most of Pike’s questions were, of course, formalities only. Unless Jim said the word, he was going to do what he wanted no matter what. But it sent a familiar, glorious tingle through him to make his boy agree, or sometimes beg, for what Pike had in store. In a throaty whisper, Jim said, “Y-yes, Daddy.”

Pike let out a groan of pleasure, smiling when Jim moaned in response. Christopher covered the plug with lubricant, stood close behind Jim, and gently parted his cheeks. He slid the plug in slowly, relishing the vibrations under his hand as Jim took the instrument in. “Mmmm. Very good, son. Very good.”

He stood up and again took a few moments to enjoy his handiwork. He rubbed himself again, groaning with pleasure. “Look at me,” he said suddenly. Jim turned to watch, and Christopher stood close to him, but just out of reach. Jim was trained enough to know when he was allowed to touch, and when he wasn’t. He gripped the sides of the bed, and forced himself to hold still, while Pike rubbed and stroked and pumped himself vigorously. He reveled in the muffled groans he could hear from his boy, and the obvious struggle it was for him to keep still and not reach out to touch his daddy.

Pike came again, with a violent gushing, not caring where the spray landed. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. He felt that glorious tingle nearly immediately, when he saw that Kirk’s face and neck were covered in his juices. He could have kissed the cadet when he saw him licking his lips, drinking in as much of Pike as he could.

Pike picked up the handle for the choke collar and tugged slightly. Jim snapped his eyes open from the semi-private ecstasy of swallowing down Chris’ cum and looked at his daddy. “On the bed, on your back.”

His eyes widened slightly in fevered anticipation, but he did as he was told, settling uncomfortably on the plug. Pike gripped the chain, and looked with pleasure at Jim’s hard, throbbing erection. The cock ring had, of course, been in place since he’d given him the lashes. He positioned himself over the boy and pressed down, taking all of Jim’s sizeable length into his body. Jim cried out in pleasure, thrilled to finally have some attention where he most needed it. Pike was in ecstasy as well. He loved the feeling of being full, without losing control. He rocked back and forth, allowing his own grunts and cries to come out unhindered. Then, he pulled the choke chain, just enough to give Jim a slight buzz. Jim’s eyes widened, heightened pleasure sending a thrill through him again.

The sight was enough to send Pike into a fever pitch. He fucked Jim hard, rolling his hips, and pressing the boy’s dick deeper and deeper into him with each pump. He gave some slack to the chain, and he felt Jim starting to struggle. He wanted out of the ring, and Pike kindly let him out of it, barely making a break in his rhythm. Quickly, he felt Jim’s shuddering orgasm course through him, and delighted in the cum dripping from them both. He continued to pump, pulling on the chain again, but Jim shook his head, eyes wide. “Bridge, bridge,” he said hoarsely. Pike glared. His erection was finally starting to come back again, and he was NOT prepared to be “called to the bridge”.

“No,” he hissed. “Not yet.”

Jim’s eyes widened. “BRIDGE!” he cried.

“NO, GOD DAMN IT!” Pike pumped more and more furiously, oblivious to Jim’s heightened panic. Everything felt so good, and he just didn’t fucking care. Jim would never report him, and he’d figure out how to get him into this room again, even if it took months go coax him back.

Jim flailed his arms and tried to swipe at Pike, but he tugged on the choke chain. Jim’s eyes practically bulged in his panic and shock, and he shook his head. “Captain, stop,” he choked. “Please! Please, bridge, BRIDGE, BRI-

Pike cut off his air supply completely. “Shut up! RELAX, I’m almost done!” Jim did no such thing, flailing about wildly. But he was too weak from lack of oxygen, and from all the bruising on his back, to put up a decent fight. Pike continued to pump, pleased to note that he was getting harder by the second. The rush coursed through him – POWER. Jim’s flailing gradually decreased, and Pike grunted his approval. It was fun to be struggled against, but it was distracting him. He threw his head back and pounded into Jim again and again, not stopping until he felt the pressure of his own orgasm coursing through him once more.

Christopher screamed out, fully tensed, then fully relaxed the next second. He sighed heavily, and released the chain at last. He was surprised that Jim didn’t immediately gasp and throw him off. He looked down, and his eyes widened. Jim was totally still. His face was pale, lips tinged with blue. “FUCK!

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