Sins of the Father
Original Ending

Christopher jumped into action immediately. He removed the chain and felt for a pulse. Nothing. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!” He hammered Jim’s chest, and performed emergency CPR, willing the boy – HIS boy – to live. He kept trying, past the point where his rational mind had given up hope. Past the point where his own tears began to blind him. Past the point where the skin beneath him grew cool as the blood in his boy’s body began to settle with gravity.

Eventually, he stopped. Everything stopped. He stared down at his son, and the tactical mind began to work on the problem. He was still alive, and his Captain’s mind told him that he had to do something fast. He turned away, went to his communications unit, and dialed.

“Yes, Captain Pike?” came the slightly rough voice, tone completely calm and almost conciliatory, even though the man must have been asleep a few seconds before.

“Spock. I need your help.”

“Is… something wrong?” The momentary hesitation was as close to outright shock as he could get.

“I… there’s been an accident,” he said. “Your… my…” He swallowed against the cracking he could hear in his voice. “Suffice it to say that you have risen to the position of favored son.”

There was a sharp gasp, followed by several seconds of silence. Pike knew Spock would be marshalling his feelings, using all his mental strength to regain control. “I… will be there immediately, Father.”

“Thank you, son.”


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