No More Tears
Chapter 7 - Epilogue

True to her word, Beth told her story to as many reporters as she could find. Her story appeared in various national magazines, newspapers and tabloids. Since there was no substantial proof linking Desmond Westlake to the destruction of evidence, he was never investigated by police. However, several musicians came forward after seeing Beth's story, and claimed that they, too had had songs stolen from them by Westlake's recording company. A group of eleven musicians filed a class action suit against the tycoon, and won a substantial settlement. The record company lost most of its credibility due to the outcome of the suit. A few months later, Renee received her divorce, taking with her much of Westlake's fortune. Due to the overwhelmingly unfavorable publicity brought about by the case, his divorce, and his daughter's stinging accusations, Desmond Westlake was forced to sell his company and retire from the public eye, with his finances and image in ruins.

Police were unable to find any conclusive evidence linking Ozzy with to the disappearance of the four guards, or that of Elizabeth Westlake, so he was never charged with a crime. Ozzy went on to become a very prolific and successful songwriter. His first album was recorded and published with the ransom money he received. The single was a re-release of his stolen hit Sidewalk Dreams. Thanks to all the publicity caused by Beth's revelations, the single debuted at number one on the charts. It stayed in the top ten for the next eleven weeks, and was on the charts for several months after that. He sent an autographed copy of the single to Beth. The attached note read, "I never did get to play this for you. Hope you like it."

At Beth's prompting, Steve auditioned for a San Francisco based band called Journey. He was told that his voice had the exact quality they were looking for. He joined the band, and soon after, their popularity skyrocketed. Within a year he was able to completely pay off his debt to the bank, move into a larger house, and buy an engagement ring.

Beth never spoke to her father again, although she always remained close to Renee. She recovered from her physical wounds quickly, but remained uncomfortable around knives for many years. She kept the single Ozzy sent her in a prominent place; a reminder never to take her freedom - her life - for granted.


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