Chapter 1 - Premonitions
Instincts. We have them for a reason.

Chapter 2 - Watched
Not every unfamiliar car on the street belongs to a stalker. Right?

Chapter 3 - It Begins...
Unauthorized entry and unbridled rage.

Chapter 4 - Pain
A mysterious injury, and a more mysterious gift.

Chapter 5 - When the Lights Go Down...
It's the simple things we take for granted.

Chapter 6 - Bad News Travels Fast. Very Fast.
Our hero won't be deterred, and neither will his biggest fan.

Chapter 7 - Passion
The thing that matters most.

Chapter 8 - Requiem for a Dream
Some problems just don't have solutions.

Chapter 9 - Friends in Need...
With friends like this...

Chapter 10 - Obsession is a Dangerous Thing
Several people are about to experience the danger.

Chapter 11 - A Ray of Sunshine
Have you noticed the color of the sun?

Chapter 12 - Unforgiven
It's okay to unforgive you.

Chapter 13 - Epilogue
The story of our success.

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