Uh... Steve?
Chapter 5 - Dirty Rotten Bastards!

Steve sat on his bed long after Neal stopped moving. He stared at the guitarist's still form, unable to form a coherent thought. Dead? But... No... He's my friend... I hate them... Jonathan... Jonathan!!! Neal? Dead? Did I...? No... I hate Jonathan... Steve's mind was locked in a vicious cycle. After an indeterminable passage of time, he managed to shake himself out of his stupor. He checked Neal for a pulse. Good. I can still beat him. Steve rubbed his face, trying not to think about the mess he'd made of things in the rec room. Instead, he focused on being angry with Neal. You'll never be washed of your sins. Steve smacked Neal's face, shook his stinging hand, and crawled out of the bed. It's your fault. He had nothing to do with this. Steve resolved then and there to set things right with Jay. Even if they couldn't go back to what they had, they could still be friends.

Steve stepped gingerly into the rec room, trying to ignore the mess he'd made by the doorway. Smooth move, Stevie. Rape your ex and puke your guts out. No wonder you're such a hit with the ladies. Steve tiptoed to the blasting stereo and turned the sound down to a tolerable level. He found his discarded trousers and pulled them on, wondering if he should have found Jay's pants first. Steve approached Jonathan slowly, his hands outstretched in a gesture of peace. When Jonathan tried to scramble away, Steve stopped, weeping. Gee, I've got this crying thing down, he thought miserably, swiping a hand across his eyes. "Jonathan... I..."

Jonathan turned away from Steve, still trying to escape. Steve got a good look at Jay's feet, and cried harder. He went to the bathroom, still sobbing, to find some first aid supplies. When he returned, Jonathan was under the tile-top table, eyes wild with fear. "I won't hurt you, baby," Steve moaned, reaching for Jay. "Come on, lemme see your feet, beautiful." Steve crawled under the table next to Jay and started to dab alcohol on the wounds. Jonathan relaxed a little, allowing Steve to wrap each foot. Steve continued to whisper promises to Jonathan, stopping to touch his face or hand tenderly. "You don't have to stay here. You don't even have to come back to me. I know I was wrong to... do what I did." Steve lowered his eyes, clearly ashamed. He hoped like hell Jonathan believed him, because he didn't have anything left to offer. "I promise I'll never hurt you again. You can go home and forget me if you like. But, please, Jonathan..." Steve leaned closer, reaching behind Jonathan to loosen his binds. "Understand that I lo-"

The instant Jonathan's hands were free, they were wrapped around Steve's throat. Steve started, flabbergasted Jay would attacked him now. He jerked back, scrambling to get away from Jonathan's tightening grip. Jonathan's hand slipped down to the chain on Steve's neck, and -pop!- snapped it right off. The little gold eighth-note pendant skipped across the rec room floor.

There was stunned silence as both men stared at the broken chain in Jonathan's fist. "You broke my mother's necklace," Steve whispered dangerously. "You broke my mother's necklace." Jonathan was still holding the ruined chain, and seemed to be having trouble breathing. "You broke my DEAD MOTHER'S NECKLACE!!!!" Steve's contrite tears were replaced with howls of rage.

"Steve, I never meant to-"

"SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UPSHUTUPSHUTUP!!!!" Steve was not in the mood for any of Jonathan's whining. There comes a time in every man's life when one must forgive and forget. For Steve, this was most definitely not that time. He grabbed the still-open bottle of rubbing alcohol and threw it at Jonathan. Jay scrambled from under the table as best he could and tried to escape on hands and knees. Steve threw himself to the floor in an unsuccessful effort to grab Jay's feet. Jonathan slipped in the pool of vomit near the doorway, and Steve flung himself on the disgusting pile. "I always thought it was Neal who was the dirty fucker, but it's you, you, you!" Steve was shaking and drooling on Jonathan, who looked like he might hurl himself. "It's your fault, you dirty little bitch!" Steve grabbed a handful of blonde hair and smashed Jay's face in the vile puddle. "You have NO fucking CLUE what you've DONE!"

Steve looked about frantically, spotted what he wanted on the bar, and ran to the other end of the room for it. Jonathan took the opportunity to escape the room, but Steve was hot on his heels. Jay made the mistake of pausing in the hall to grab something from the linen closet to wipe himself off. Steve was upon him in an instant, frothing at the mouth and growling like a rabid dog. Jonathan screamed like a little girl. He tried to run, but Steve pinned him to the hallway wall. He laughed maniacally and held up the object he'd been searching for. "I have a burning desire for you, beautiful," Steve giggled, waving the barbecue lighter in front of Jay's face.

"Please, Steve, for the love of God!" Jonathan turned his head, afraid of the flame.

"Noooooooo, for the love of strange medicine!" Steve cackled like a hyena. "Come on baby, light my fire!"

"Stevie listen to-"

"Don't call me that! You don't love me anymore!" Steve's voice cracked. "You never loved me..." He sank to the floor, fist in his mouth. Jonathan started to move away from the distraught singer, but Steve grabbed his leg like a striking cobra. "Where ya going, pretty baby?"

"I... I, uhhh... I was just-"

"You were just going to leave me alone. Again." Steve slowly got to his feet, keeping a firm grip on Jonathan, and looked into the frightened man's eyes. "Weren't you?"


"I was going to let you go home," Steve interrupted. "I was going to set you free and take a little time to punish Neal for separating us. But now I know the truth. You're at least as filthy as he is. You're unclean." Steve took Jonathan's face gently with both hands. He kissed Jay's lips, then slammed his head against the wall, knocking him senseless. "I can't let you go."

Neal awoke to the sound of splashing and gurgling. Oh God. He's got Jay now. Neal tried to shut out the sounds of splashing, scrubbing and the occasional plea coming from the bathroom. He shuddered when he heard Steve's voice crooning sweetly over the din. "It's only soap and water, baby." He thought about the look on Steve's face when he'd been busy strangling the life out of him and it only made the sweet, tender tone Steve was using with Jonathan sound more frightening.

After a while, Steve came out of the bathroom and shut the door quickly behind him. "Just sit there, baby," he called. "And don't move. You need to soak for a while." Neal closed his eyes and tried to keep from shaking. Maybe Steve would leave him alone if he thought he was still out cold. In a moment, Neal felt the bed sink as Steve sat beside him. "Hi, Liz, this is Steve." There was a pause, then Steve said, "Oh, yes, we're both fine. I feel awful for leaving you so worried, but we just didn't think to call. Jay reconsidered that idea we were talking about yesterday, and we're going at it again.... Yeah, he's pretty flighty that way... We might be working for quite a while. A few days at least... Really? He didn't tell me about your mom! ...Sure you can speak to him." Neal opened his eyes to look at Steve, forgetting that he was supposed to be unconscious. The man was sitting there holding the phone away from him and looking toward the bathroom. "Jay! Your wife's on the phone!" Neal watched in growing amazement while Steve sat and actually counted to ten. "Liz? Yeah, he's in the bathroom. I'll have him call you as soon as I can, okay? Uh-huh. No problem. Bye now."

Steve hung up the phone and looked toward Neal. The guitarist froze. "Hello, sleepy head," Steve said cheerfully. "How's your neck?"

"Oh... okay I guess," Neal whispered fearfully.

"Don't worry, Neal. Jay and I had a talk and I know now that it isn't your fault he turned against me. I won't try to strangle you again." Neal gave Steve a wan smile. Great, Neal thought. But what are you going to do? "I bet you miss your wife," Steve said.

"Yeah, I do," Neal said. Where did that come from?

"Why don't we call her up?"

"I can't," Neal replied. "She's in the Bahamas."

"I know. But she'll be back in a couple of days right?" Neal nodded, puzzled. "Why don't you leave her a message," Steve asked. "Let her know you're on a little vacation of your own."


"Tell her you've gone on a retreat to the mountains. Tell her that you won't be back for a while."

Oh, God. "Steve... please, I just want to go-"

Steve put a hand over Neal's mouth and glared down at him. "It wouldn't be a good idea for you to argue with me right now, Neal," he said. "I've had a very hard day. All right?" Neal nodded and Steve released his mouth. Steve dialed a number and held the phone to Neal's ear. He placed the other hand gently over Neal's bruised neck. "No tricks."

Neal stared at Steve, eyes wide with trepidation. He almost missed it when the answering machine beeped at him. "Ummm... hi, sweetheart. I, um... I'm goin' on a little vacation in the mountains, okay? It's kinda like a retreat kinda thing, okay? I'm not sure when I'll be back, but hopefully it won't be too long. Okay? So, I love you, okay? I really love you. A lot. More than anything, okay?" There was the slightest pressure on his neck, and Neal shuddered. "Okay, honey, I gotta go, sweetheart, okay? I love you. Okay, bye."

Steve hung up the phone and smiled at Neal. "Good boy. Now. Back to what I was doing before you so rudely left me yesterday." Steve walked to the bathroom and opened the door. Jonathan rushed out. Before he could get three paces, Steve caught him by the hair and yanked him to the floor. His face, which had been so sweet a second before, was transformed into a mask of fury. "I thought I told you to soak, you goddamn filthy bitch!" he shouted, kicking Jonathan in the stomach. While Jonathan lay on the floor moaning, Steve strode to his closet and came out with a long, thick leather belt. "I can see you need a lesson in obedience." He raised the belt and lashed fiercely at Jonathan's bare back. Jay screamed and wriggled away, but he couldn't escape Steve's wrath. Neal watched helplessly while Steve followed Jonathan around the room, bringing the belt down on him again and again.

Finally, Steve stopped whipping the unfortunate man. He grabbed a handful of Jay's hair and dragged him back to the bathroom, shouting at him the whole way. "Dirty! Filthy! You're absolutely disgusting! I've never seen two people so resistant to taking baths!" Suddenly, Neal heard a splash, followed immediately by screaming and swearing from Jay. "SHUT UP, DAMMIT! Now keep your ass in the fucking tub, you hear me?!? STAY HERE!!!" Steve walked out and slammed the door behind him. He glared at Neal, who cringed a little. "DAMMIT! That stupid bitch made me forget what I was going in there for!" Steve stormed back into the bathroom and came back in a matter of seconds, locking the door behind him and muttering about filthiness.

Dear God, Neal thought. If you let me make it out of here alive, I swear to you I will never yell at my wife about the housework again. Steve approached Neal with the jar of cold cream. Neal braced himself. Steve was so pissed, Neal expected to be attacked with the cream rather than massaged like last time. Instead, Steve set the cream beside Neal's hip and walked away. Neal watched with interest while Steve went to his dresser and picked up two large thermoses and brought them to the bed. Wonder what's in there.

Steve sat down between Neal's outstretched legs and opened the jar of cold cream. As before, he massaged the cream into Neal's chest. He paid special attention to Neal's nipples, tracing his fingers around them until they were both hard. He started to work the cream into Neal's hips and the sensitive area just above his penis. Then he moved even further south. Neal gasped, even though he'd been expecting it. Steve massaged Neal's member gently and thoroughly. Then he moved on to Neal's balls, rubbing the cool cream in slowly. Neal tried to stay quiet, but he couldn't hold in his low moans of pleasure "You like that, don't you, baby?" Steve asked. Neal just moaned louder.

Suddenly, Steve stopped his massage. Neal opened his eyes to see what Steve was doing now. He'd opened one of the thermoses and was busy pouring himself a cup of steaming liquid. Steve took a sip, holding the drink in his mouth for several moments. Then he swallowed and immediately bent over and licked Neal's already hard cock. Neal gasped and strained at his bonds. Steve ignored him, licking him a few more times before sitting up again. With a slight smile on his face, he poured something from the second thermos and took in a mouthful. After swirling it around in his mouth for a few seconds, he swallowed and bent down again. Neal cried out this time as Steve's cold tongue traced slowly up and down his organ. Then suddenly, Steve took all of Neal into his mouth. Neal gasped and shuddered, eyes rolling back in his head. Steve sucked him for a few moments, bringing Neal almost to climax. Then, without warning he stopped. Neal yelped, but Steve shushed him. "Not yet, boy. We're gonna savor this."

Neal groaned. It seemed to him that they'd already savored it as much as they needed to. However, Steve's warnings and his furious lashing of Jay were still fresh in his mind, so he didn't argue. Steve moved from between Neal's legs, taking his hot and cold drinks with him. He took a drink from one of them, and soon Neal was treated to warm lips over his nipple. Steve sucked him, tracing a finger over the other nipple and sending waves of pleasure directly from his chest to his nether regions. Then Steve sipped from the cold thermos again, but instead of sucking Neal's nipple, he grinned and opened his mouth. Neal saw that Steve had a large piece of ice resting on his tongue. "Oh, God."

Steve nodded his agreement. Then he leaned over and traced the piece of ice over Neal's neck. Neal yelped again, then whimpered as Steve continued to lick him gently. By now, he was hard as a rock, and getting harder. However, Steve seemed to be in no hurry. He moved slowly up Neal's jaw to his ear and nibbled on his ear lobe. Neal shuddered again. "I know you always loved that," Steve whispered. His voice sent tingles over every inch of him. He teased his ear for a few minutes more, before moving back to his neck, then down his chest. He got back on the bed and started licking the inside of Neal's thighs.

Neal strained and twisted in the ropes, aching to grab Steve and make him give him some relief. Thwarted by the oh-so-efficient knots, he was forced to wait until Steve was good and ready. When Steve finished with his thighs, he started moving up, skipping over Neal's organ to tenderly suck on the hollow of his hip. Neal groaned and started to move, pumping his hips involuntarily. "Ooooh," Steve whispered. "That's right, baby. Move those hips."

"Steve, please," Neal gasped.

"Please what, baby?" Steve asked, blowing on Neal's stiff cock. Neal tried to answer, but all that came out were unintelligible sounds. Steve laughed throatily. "You want me to fuck you, don't you?" Neal managed to nod. He didn't give a damn anymore that Steve was basically raping him gently. All he cared about now was relief. Steve chuckled again and gave Neal's balls a quick lick. Then he moved away altogether. Neal watched, afraid that Steve might be about to leave him this way. Steve took off his pants, then went to the night stand and brought out a long knife.

Neal frowned, suddenly worried. "What are you-"

"Shhh. Don't be afraid." Steve cut the ropes binding his arms to the bed. "Don't move," he warned. Then he went down to the foot of the bed and started cutting the ropes binding his feet. Neal lay still. Even if he hadn't wanted to be relieved more than to escape at the moment, he would have been afraid to move while Steve still had the knife in his hand. When Steve finished untying his legs, he looked down at Neal and said, "Turn over."

Suddenly dry mouthed, Neal did as he was told. Steve climbed on top of him and slowly entered, easing his way deep into Neal. Neal moaned and pushed his hips back, drawing Steve even further in. They both groaned with pleasure. Then Steve started to pump. He went slowly at first, nearly driving Neal to distraction. Then he started to pump a little faster. He grabbed Neal's arms and pulled them back, gripping them by the ropes that were still attached to his wrists. Steve ran his other hand through Neal's hair and grasped it tightly, yanking Neal's head back and moving even faster. Neal's breaths started to come quicker and quicker as he moved along with Steve. He strained hard toward Steve, wanting to draw him even deeper inside of him. Neal moaned and gasped, feeling himself draw closer to climax with every thrust. Soon, they were both pumping furiously, unified for the first time in years by their frantic need for satisfaction. Steve pulled Neal's arms back even farther, riding him like a horse. They moved faster and faster, panting and grunting desperately. Finally, Steve slammed himself forcefully into Neal. Instead of pulling out again, he pushed himself deeper and deeper in, pulling on Neal's arms so hard that Neal felt sure his back would break. He didn't think he would care, either. At last, screaming with pure ecstasy, they climaxed together.

Steve let go of Neal's arms and they collapsed on the bed together. After laying there just breathing for a few minutes, Steve slowly drew himself out of Neal and stood up. Neal was aware that his arms and legs were free and his captor was several feet away, but he was too utterly exhausted to even consider an escape attempt. When he found the energy to look around, Steve was standing over him shaking his head. "Look at that. You got my beautiful sheets all dirty."

Neal turned on his side and looked down at the wet spot on the bed. He looked at Steve again and saw him frowning at the spot. Oh, shit. Are we going to start the cleanliness thing again? "Umm... I'm really s-sorry, Steve," he said contritely. "I'll... I'll wash them for you. Or I could buy you more. Whatever you want, okay?"

Steve glared at him and Neal started to edge away. "I don't want to ruin a good fuck," he said. "We'll discuss this later. Right now, we both need baths."

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