Uh... Steve?
Chapter 3 - The Great Escape!

Neal sat on the edge of the bed, watching Steve and wondering what he was going to do. He didn't really care what it was as long as it didn't involve soap, scrubbing or any type of cleansing whatsoever. Steve went into his private bathroom. Oh, Jesus. Oh God, please no more! Neal heard rustling as Steve searched for whatever torment he planned to attack him with next. He was all set to plead when Steve came back carrying a large jar of cold cream and a towel. Neal let out a sigh of relief. Steve came closer and held up the jar with a cheery smile. "Look. The label says it removes makeup, oil and dirt." Neal gave him a wan smile. Whatever. As long as it didn't hurt. Steve laid the large towel on the bed and patted it. "Wouldn't want to muss the sheets, would we?"

Neal lay down on the towel and let Steve rub the smooth cream over his body. He sighed. The cool cream felt wonderful on his skin. Steve used slow, gentle strokes. Neal might have fallen asleep if Steve's hand didn't keep wandering to extra sensitive places. In a few moments, Neal was feeling fairly relaxed. Then Steve stopped wandering and deliberately rubbed cold cream over Neal's balls. Neal gasped and edged away. Steve gripped his balls firmly, but not tight enough to hurt. "Be still. These are especially filthy. They need extra attention."

Neal forced himself to relax. Steve proceeded to massage the cream into his balls and into his swiftly hardening organ. Just when Neal was sure he would explode any moment, Steve walked away. Neal yelped and Steve whirled to face him. "Quiet! I have enough whining to deal with from that goddamn pussy down there without hearing it from you, too. Now, just wait patiently and I'll be right back." Steve headed for the door, then turned around again. "Oh, and Neal? When I get back, if that's not as hard as it is now, you're gonna be in some deep shit." He walked out and closed the door. Neal could hear the turn of a key in the lock.

"Dammit," he whispered. He lay there for a few moments, trying to resist the urge to touch himself. Then he frowned. "What the fuck am I doing?" Neal hopped out of the bed and rushed to Steve's closet. For once he was glad he was short. He grabbed the first pair of pants he found and went to the window. It didn't look too bad. He opened it slowly and lowered himself out. He used the drain pipe to climb down. Yes! Freedom! Neal headed for the front gate, not sure how he planned to get home, but not caring much either. Then he stopped. "I can't just leave Jay."

Neal headed back to the house, sneaking stealthily along the walls until he reached a side door. Steve's property was large and gated, so he rarely locked the doors. Neal cracked it open and slid inside. Feeling a little like a secret agent, he tiptoed through the house, searching for Jay. Where would he be? Neal went through the hall, peeking in doors and hoping like fuck that Steve wouldn't catch him. He frowned when he came to the hall closet. Steve's cane was propped between the handles. Why would Steve lock up his linens like that? Did he think they were going to try to escape? Or did he think someone else was?

Neal quietly slid the cane out and set it down. He opened the closet and Jay fell forward to the floor. "Oh, Steve, please-"

"Sh!" Neal crouched down next to Jay. "Shut up. I'm gonna get us out of here."

"Oh my God, Neal," Jay whispered. "How did you-"

"Shut up, dammit!" Neal hissed. "You want him to find us?!" Neal glanced at Jay's bound legs. "Jesus! He got kinda carried away with the rope here, didn't he?"

"I kicked him," Jay whispered.

Neal looked at him like he was crazy before starting to untie him. "You fuckin' idiot."

"Fuck you."

Neal finished untying Jay's legs and looked out. Fuck! Steve was on his way upstairs with what looked like a cup of his infamous tea and a cup of ice. What the fuck was he about to do with that? Oh well. No time to worry about it now. "Come on," he whispered. "Put on a sheet or something. We have to hurry."

Jay donned a sheet and they crept out of the house. "What now?" Jay asked. "The rental?"

"Naw, he's got the keys. Let's check out the garage." They went to the huge garage which Steve always kept open. It looked like a Mercedes Benz dealership. Car's in the shop, huh? I knew there was something fishy about that. They didn't even bother to look at Benz Row. Steve Perry was the king of car alarms. They walked to the far end where there was an old but well-maintained Volkswagen. The doors were unlocked, but there was no key.

"I got it," Jay said, shoving past Neal. He sat down in the driver's seat, reached under the steering wheel and started yanking at wires.

"You have to be kidding me. You know how to hot-wire a car?"

"I wasn't always this sweet and innocent," Jay replied.

"Whatever, man," Neal said, searching around the garage for keys anyway. When he wandered near the door leading from the garage to the house, he heard a scream from inside.


"Fuck!" Neal ran to where Jay was still fiddling with cords. "Step on it, man."

"I'm not deaf, you know," he said, hands shaking. After a few seconds that seemed like an eternity, they were gratified to hear the engine turn over. "Yes!"

"Move over," Neal commanded. Jay didn't argue. He moved to the passenger side, Neal hopped in and they pealed out of the garage. He caught sight of an enraged Steve glaring at them from the front door and drove faster. He didn't slow down until he was at least ten miles from the house.

Jay came down the stairs of his own beloved house to the delicious smell of his wife cooking breakfast. "Hey, Liz, what's cookin'?" he joked.

Liz rolled her eyes and gave him a pained look. "Must you be so corny?"

"You know you love that about me." He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her repeatedly.

She giggled. "What's all this for?"

"I'm just happy to see you, that's all." He kissed her some more until she threatened him with a spatula.

"You shaved!" she said suddenly.


"You got rid of your little patch." She fingered the bare skin underneath his lip. "Tired of getting teased?"

"Yeeeeaah... You know me."

"Well, I liked it," she pouted.

"That's okay," he said. "Maybe I'll grow it out again. Just for you."

She smiled. "Did you have a good time with Steve?"

Jonathan froze and stared at his wife. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....."


"Uhhhhhhhh.... I uhhhhh...."

"Honey, you don't have to try to hide from me. He already called and told me you guys were going into hiding to discuss some ideas. He said it would be best if the press didn't hear about it and get the wrong impression, so I haven't told anyone. But you don't have to keep it a secret from me."

"Oh, uhhh, yeah. We, uh, we didn't get much done."

"Oh. Do you think you'll be meeting with him again?"

"NO!! I mean, uh... We're probably going to just give up on that idea. Yeah. It didn't really go anywhere, you know?"

"Oh, that's too bad."

"Yeah, well, those are the breaks, right?" He laughed nervously. "Hey, Liz, I got this idea. Why don't we go somewhere, okay? Take a little vacation, huh? What do you think? Wanna get away from it all? Take a trip?"

Liz laughed. "Hun, you're so silly. You know my mother's coming over in a couple of days. We can't just pack up and leave."

"Damn it!" Jonathan cried.

Liz raised an eyebrow at him and put a hand on her hip. "Are you saying you don't want to see my mother?"

"No, no, baby! You know I don't mean that. I just-"

"You just what?" she asked.

Jay shook his head. "Never mind, sweetie. I'm just tired, that's all."

"You just woke up. What are you trying to say about my mother?"

Jay raised his hands in a gesture of defeat. "I can't win." He turned away from her, walked into the living room and sat down at the piano.

"Oh, sure. Tune me out," Liz called. That's exactly what Jay did. She'd get over it in a few minutes anyway, and after what he'd been through yesterday, he just wasn't in the mood to argue.

Sure enough, Liz was fine by the time breakfast was ready. They chatted about nothing in particular for a while. He played with the kids, played with the piano and generally did everything he could to keep Steve off of his mind.

Steve went slowly through the entire house for the third time. He looked down at his checklist, trying to decide if there was anything else he needed. After he'd gone through his checklist one more time, he called his mechanic. Neal and Jay's cars were ready and he arranged to have them towed to the house. While he waited, he went through the house and yard twice more. He thought of a few finishing touches, set them up and went through again. Nothing could be missed. Nothing left out. That's how that dirty bitch got away from me the first time. It won't happen again.

Jonathan pulled Liz's car into the garage, noticing that his own car was parked in front of the house, good as new. Steve must have had it fixed after all. Jeez. What a weirdo. "Hey, Babe," he called when he got inside. "When did the tow tru-" Jay stopped in his tracks when he came into the family room. Steve was sitting on the couch chatting pleasantly with Liz. He smiled cheerfully when he caught sight of Jonathan.

"Hey, Jay," he said brightly. "Car's all fixed."

"Um..." Jay cleared his throat nervously. "Uh, that's... that's great, Steve, thanks a lot."

"Not a problem."

"So what happened to the car?" Liz asked.

"Oh, uh... it, uh..."

"Some high school kids threw a rock party," Steve replied. "Busted his windshield. It's amazing what kids will do when they don't have any adult supervision."

"That's terrible!" Liz turned to her still sputtering husband. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Uhhh..." Jay's eyes were locked on Steve. "Because.... uhhh..."

"Oh, it's no big deal," Steve interjected. "He probably just didn't want to bore you with useless details."

"Useless? But how much is it going to cost us?"

Jonathan laughed insanely. If you only knew... He struggled to regain composure.

"Really, Liz, it's no big deal. I felt so guilty about the whole thing I paid for the damage myself." Steve looked at Jonathan and smiled. "Of course, that was before your husband rejected my... idea yesterday." Jonathan's giddy laughter stopped abruptly.

"Oh, Steve, that's so sweet!" Liz gushed, reaching out for a friendly little hug. "Jay, isn't he sweet?"

Jonathan tried not to run screaming. Hurry up, go away, hurry up... "He's really... uh.. great." Jonathan could have sworn Steve's teeth were sharper than usual. "Yeah. Great. So anyway, it was great seeing you again, Steve. Thanks for the car and everything. Catch ya around, okay?"

Steve stood, using the cane as if he needed it. "Okay," he said.

"Oh, but Steve you just got here," Liz cried.

"He said he had to go, Liz," Jay said sharply. "Steve's a busy man, you know."

Steve only smiled, but there was a gleam in his eyes when he looked at Jonathan that made the pianist's hair stand on end. "See you around, Jay."

Steve showed himself to the door. Jonathan didn't relax until he heard the door close behind him. He flopped down on the couch and sighed with relief. "Well, that was nice," Liz said, going off to do dishes or cook or whatever the hell it was she did in the kitchen all day. "He really is a sweet man."

Jay let out a giddy chuckle. "Yeah. Sweet. Like a cobra."

The door opened again and Jay jumped when he heard Steve's voice. "Um... Liz?" He chuckled a little. "I feel kinda silly about this, but would you mind giving me a ride home?"

Liz came out of the kitchen. Her chin, cheeks and forehead were dusted with flour (boy, that woman could make a mess) and she was holding a huge mixing bowl in one arm and the electric mixer in the other. "Jay? Do you mind?"

"Huh?" Jay asked, looking directly at her.

She glanced down at the mixing bowl, then at Steve, then back at her husband. "Would you mind taking Steve home?"

Jay looked at Steve. "He asked you to take him, baby," he said. No way was he about to get into a small metal box with that man. Liz was a strong girl. And he wouldn't hurt her anyway, right?

"But, honey," she said tersely. Hm. Maybe he should offer her a gun. But they didn't have one. A knife? "JAY! Are you listening to me?"

"Sure, baby," Jonathan said. "Giving Steve a ride."

"Listen, if this is gonna cause problems, I can always call a cab," Steve offered.

"Yeah! That's a great idea!" Jay was halfway across the room, headed for the telephone.

"Jonathan Cain, you take your friend home! He came all the way down here to bring the car back to you when he didn't have to. The least you can do is give him a ride."

Jonathan sighed, looking from Liz to Steve. What was worse? Trapping himself with Steve for half an hour, or listening to Liz harp on this for half a year. If he let that happen, she might start talking about her mother again. Who knows? he thought. Maybe Steve won't try anything. We got away once already, right? Sighing again, he got up from the couch. "All right," he said. "I'll be back soon, okay?" Liz just nodded and went back to the kitchen. Jay raised his eyes heavenward. Maybe she'd be over it when he got home.

Steve gave Jay the keys to his car and they went out together, Steve still limping along slowly with his cane. Jonathan started the car and they got under way. "I really appreciate this," Steve said. "Your giving me a ride and all."

"Yeah, sure," Jonathan mumbled. 'Appreciate this'?? What the hell? Freak...

"Your wife looks good."

Jonathan looked sharply at Steve. What was that supposed to mean? Steve looked innocent, and Jay decided to take the compliment at face value. "Thanks." Fuckin' weirdo. Steve continued to make small talk, not referring to his utterly insane behavior at all. Jonathan began to think that maybe it had just been some kind of fluke. Maybe a manic depressive moment or something.

Steve grew quiet when they got to the freeway. He turned on the CD player and "Do You Recall" came on. Jay bopped his head a little. Music helped him drive. When the chorus came on, Steve started to sing along. Hey! Surround sound Steve! Neato! Jay was surprised when the song started again as soon as it was over. He glanced at the display and saw that it said "Track 2." He was even more confused. Steve started singing at the chorus again, gently laying a hand on Jay's knee. Uhhhhh..... Jay shifted, but Steve's hand never wavered. When the chorus came around again, he started stroking his thigh gently. "So you think that it's all over," he sang sweetly. "And you know it's gone to stay. After stormy weather, does the sun shine every day?"

"Steve, what are you doing?"



"Drive!" Steve screeched.

Jonathan jumped and tried to drive normally with Steve still slowly stroking him. Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! How could he have been so stupid? Maybe he should pull over. He eased the car into the lane on his right. Steve took hold of the steering wheel with his free hand and jerked the car back over. "Shit! What the hell's the matter with you?! Are you trying to get us killed???"

"If that's what it takes." Jonathan shuddered. The look in Steve's eyes told him that he was deadly serious. "I'm not finished with you yet, asshole. Now drive the fucking car."

Jonathan continued to drive, gripping the steering wheel tightly to keep his hands from shaking. "Do You Recall" continued to play on the stereo. What had he done, made a whole damn CD out of it? Steve continued to stroke Jay's leg, gradually moving higher until he was almost at his groin. Then he started to unbutton Jonathan's trousers. Jay gasped. "What-"

"Drive," he said in a dangerously low voice. "Look straight ahead and drive."

Jonathan did as he was told, finding it extremely difficult to concentrate on anything when Steve was busy fondling things he shouldn't be fondling. Steve kept stroking him until they were almost at the house. Then he took a firm hold on Jay's dick and started pumping furiously. By some miracle, Jonathan made it to Steve's without killing anyone even though his eyes were practically crossing from Steve's attentions. Jay stopped the car and Steve brought him the rest of the way. With a shaky sigh, Jonathan collapsed against the headrest, too dazed to care what Steve was up to at the moment. Then Steve tapped him on the shoulder. Jonathan turned to look at him and Steve smiled. "So you think that it's all over?" he asked. Then there was a piece of cloth over Jonathan's nose and mouth, a strange smell and then darkness.

Steve held the handkerchief over Jay's face for several moments after the man relaxed. Then he sat back, looked at Jonathan and laughed. "Damn, that was easy."

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