The Doll

Chapter 1 - Home is Where the Heart Is
New additions to a happy family.

Chapter 2 - Broken Home, Broken Hearts
Family under attack.

Chapter 3 - Attack of the Crazy Women
Lessons in obedience.

Chapter 4 - The Journey Connection
It's possible to like a band too much.

Chapter 5 - I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Performances fit for a queen.

Chapter 6 - When You Hit Bottom, There's Only One Way to Go
Everybody has a breaking point.

Chapter 7 - This is Our Escape!
I'll break away, I'll break away tonight.

Chapter 8 - Full Home, Full Hearts
More joy than we bargained for.

Cheat Sheet - So Many Steves, So Little Time
Seriously. If you want to know who's who, check it out.

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