Dedication III: The Search for Bones

Prologue - Hopeless
No miracles this time.

Chapter 1 - House Guest
An unexpected guest.

Chapter 2 - Friendly Advice
Insight from a friend.

Chapter 3 - Research Project
Searching for clues.

Chapter 4 - Breakthrough
A puzzle solved.

Chapter 5 - Breakdown
The end of everything.

Chapter 6 - Called to Action
Jim is given a directive.

Chapter 7 - On the Right Track
Jim takes a road trip.

Chapter 8 - Serendipity
Lucky break isn't the word for it.

Chapter 9 - Revelations
Time for a reality check.

Chapter 10 - An Enemy Revealed
Visions of vengeance.

Chapter 11 - Sacrifice
The things we do for love.

Chapter 12 - The Captives
Checking the "inventory".

Chapter 13 - First Strike
First contact with the enemy.

Chapter 14 - The Meaning of Defeat
Clash of the titans.

Chapter 15 - The Meaning of Victory
The rescue of the solitary slave.

Chapter 16 - Gifts of the Magi
A king's gratitude.

Chapter 17 - Rest and Recovery
Benefits of being a hero.

Epilogue - Reunion
First things first.

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