Chapter 1 - Misplaced
An unwelcome transposition has occurred.

Chapter 2 - Takeover
A revolution begins.

Chapter 3 - Captain
Unorthodox methods can be a very good thing.

Chapter 4 - My Enemy
Change isn't for everyone.

Chapter 5 - My Ally
Doctor knows best.

Chapter 6 - A Game of Skill
Two well matched players engage in a dangerous game.

Chapter 7 - Change for the Better
The old ways may not be the best ways after all.

Chapter 8 - Revolution
Opportunity knocks.

Chapter 9 - Patriot Games
Meeting of the minds.

Chapter 10 - Men With a Vision
To boldly go where no Empire has gone before.

Art by tprillahfiction
Mix by sullacat

Star Trek Fic
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