The Kingdom of Love: The Reality of Fantasy

Chapter 1 - Who the Fuck are You? (Who, who? Who, who?)
No, seriously, who the hell are these people?

Chapter 2 - Running for the Shelter of His Mother's Little Helper
And then one is soon to become comfortably numb.

Chapter 3 - This Just Doesn't Seem to be My Day
You just can't avoid the failboat, no matter how hard you try.

Chapter 4 - He's the One They Call Dr. Feelgood
Doctor, please, some more of these...

Chapter 5 - All Aboard the Crazy Train
You can't run from your past, but your past can do all kinds of crazy shit in your absence. Hooray!

Chapter 6 - Just Another Manic Monday
And thus began the workweek from Hell.

Chapter 7 - Sugar, Sugar
Someone gets a little sweet.

Chapter 8 - He Ain't Heavy
Family is where you find it.

Chapter 9 - Ain't Nothin' But a Gangsta Party
Welcome home, Jimmyboy.

Chapter 10 - Father and Child Reunion
And here we go.

Chapter 11 - Cat's in the Cradle
Blood is thicker than water.

Chapter 12 - Smoke on the Water
Burn baby, burn.

Art by ellipsisthgreat
Mix by urbancate

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