Superiority Complex
Rosalinda StMatthew

Horatio went into the interegation room and smirked at the suspect. "Back again, are we?" He thumbed through a manilla folder, and pulled out several sheets. "So, I assume that you have a good reason for being in the locked house of a murdered woman you've never met... after we cut you loose. Right?"

The suspect sneered and looked out the window. "I want a lawyer."

"Not a prob-hic!" Horatio stopped, stunned by the sharpest hiccup he'd ever felt. The sharp looks he got from Yelina and the suspect told him it was probably the loudest they'd ever heard. He pursed his lips and tried again. "Not a problem, I'll do the ta-hic!" The suspect started to snicker, and Horatio lost his patience. He slid around the table and grabbed the punk by his collar. "What's so hic! funny? What, you never get the hic! hiccups? I'll bet you never do anyhic!thing human. You're a monster and an hic! idiot."

He pushed the man back into the chair so hard it went rolling across the room. "Finish hic! him up, Yelina. I need to find some water. hic!" He stalked out of the interegation room and headed to the break room. It wasn't until he'd gotten to the sink that he realized he'd stopped hiccuping once he'd left the interegation.


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