Michelle Perry

John awoke slowly. He had the groggy sensation he sometimes got after having had too much to drink. Odd, he thought. I didn't have any alcohol last night. He shivered, regretting once again his tendency to kick off the covers during the night. Especially since he usually slept in the nude. John tried to pull the sheet over him and found he couldn't move his arms. He felt the slight chafe of ropes around his wrists. Further inspection revealed that his wrists were bound together. A length of rope extended from the knot, and was secured to the head of the bed. His ankles had been tied as well - one to each of the lower bed posts.

John swallowed hard, trying to quell a wave of fear. He strained to hear any sounds from the room. There was movement to his left. He turned his face toward the sound and was suddenly blinded by the bedside lamp. By the time his eyes adjusted to the light, his captor had moved out of range. John felt even more vulnerable than he had before. His naked body was bathed in light, but he couldn't see anything beyond the bed. He gulped again and tried to force his face into an expression of mild curiosity. "Who's there?" he asked, in a tone significantly higher than usual.

The air moved with a slight whistle, and - whack! John gasped at the sharp, stinging blow that had struck his chest. "Shut up." Through the pain, John heard the command and recognized the voice.

"Paul? Paul, what are you doing?" Another ringing blow was dealt, harder this time. John clenched his teeth and strained the ropes on his wrists in a fruitless attempt to protect himself. He had caught a glimpse of his captor that time - a long-fingered hand wielding what looked like a riding crop.

"Shut. Up."

Frightened, and angry because of it, John didn't heed the warning. "Dammit, Paul, fuckin' untie me now!"

"I said, shut the fuck UP!" John couldn't suppress a scream as Paul punctuated each word with a blow to his chest. Each stroke fell harder than the last. All thoughts of hiding his fear were forgotten. John's mind was awhirl with pain and terror. He pulled and twisted his wrists, frantically tying to break free. The knots held fast. "Lie still."

John immediately forced himself to be as still as he could. He stopped struggling with the ropes, but he began to shake violently. He was at the mercy of a madman. Paul had obviously gone insane. But, mindful of the painful stripes on his chest, John was not about to tell him so.

"That's better," Paul said. "Now, let's get to work." Paul moved into the light at the foot of the bed. John watched as he reached into a small bag and pulled out a thin, shiny pair of scissors. Paul put the bag on the floor and slowly polished the scissors on his sleeve. "Perfect." He leaned over the bed and rested his elbows near the middle of John's thighs.

John gasped and tried to wriggle away from Paul. He swallowed, trying to bring some moisture to his suddenly dry mouth. "What - what are you going to do?" he asked. Paul slowly stood up. He put the scissors down on the bed and moved out of sight. When he came back into the light, he was holding the riding crop. Paul stared at John so balefully that John began to whimper. "Paul, don't," he whispered, trembling. "Please. I promise, I won't say another word."

"Good." Paul laid the crop down on the bed, and John heaved a shaky sigh of relief. That relief was short lived, however, since Paul immediately resumed his position between John's legs, holding the scissors. John clenched his teeth and waited pensively to see what Paul would do. Paul put a hand on John's hip and leaned forward. His face was so close to John's penis that he could feel his breath. Then Paul sipped away a swatch of John's pubic hair. John gasped and tried to pull away, but Paul only moved closer and snipped some more hair. John tried again to wriggle away, and Paul sighed. "If you don't want me to cut you, you'll have to hold still. Do you understand?" The hardness in Paul's tone told John that if he didn't hold still, Paul wouldn't hesitate to cut him. John nodded, still afraid to say anything. He forced himself to stay still, clenching his teeth so hard his jaws started to hurt.

Paul worked slowly and deliberately, cutting all the way down to the skin. He started at the top, near John's navel, which mostly tickled. But as he moved down, John could feel the unwelcome signs of arousal. He tried to quell the coming erection, but with Paul's patient snipping - and occasionally blowing away the clipped hairs - it was impossible. The effort to remain still became tremendous as John's cock grew harder and harder.

Paul ignored it. He continued to cut at a maddeningly slow rate. John groaned and strained at his bonds as Paul meticulously clipped around his balls and underneath his swollen member. By the time Paul finished, John had broken out into a sweat. He was also rock hard and aching for release. He probably would have come instantly had Paul merely brushed against him. But that didn't happen. Paul was careful to avoid any contact whatever with John as he stood up.

John watched in helpless agony as Paul slowly reached down and found the black bag he'd put on the floor. Paul polished the scissors again and put them back in the bag. Then he pulled out a little strip of what looked like leather. John very much wanted to know what Paul planned to do with it, but he was too afraid to ask. He was certain he would find out soon enough anyway.

Paul leaned over, coming close enough for John to feel his breath again. His erection throbbed and he moaned in anticipation. He wished Paul would bring him off quickly, or untie him so he could do it himself. John groaned again as Paul tied the leather strip around the base of his cock, and all hopes of a quick release disappeared. With that strip around him, he would stay hard for as long as Paul wanted him to. With the way Paul was acting, who knew how long that would be?

Just then, Paul drove all further thought from John's mind. He began licking John's thigh - the inside, just below his cock. John gasped at the sudden sensation, as Paul's warm moist tongue swirled over his hips and above his throbbing organ. His skin was now made agonizingly sensitive by the lack of hair. John's moaning grew desperate, and his body writhed uncontrollably. Paul kept on, licking every inch of him except the place John most wanted it.

As suddenly as he began, Paul pulled away. John let out a frustrated shout. Without thinking, he cried, "Come back!" He knew it was a mistake as soon as he said it. Paul turned on him with a look of such utter fury that John shuddered. Paul grabbed the riding crop from the bed and brought it across John's face. Tears sprang to John's eyes and he was momentarily dazed from the pain. Before he could recover, Paul hit him in the face again. John cried out and hid his face in his arm. Paul brought the crop down on John's chest several more times, with all the force he could muster.

Finally, he stopped. John was shaking and crying from pain and fear. He could hear Paul moving toward the head of the bed. John buried more of his face behind his arm. "Look at me," Paul commanded. John tried, but he couldn't bring himself to face Paul. Paul grabbed John by the hair and yanked his head back, exposing his tear streaked face. "I said look at me," he growled between clenched teeth. John fought the urge to turn away. He tried to quell his hitching sobs and stop shaking, but Paul's menacing glare made it impossible.

"Now," Paul said. His voice was low and quivering with cold fury. "You will never talk to me like that again. Is that clear?"

"Y-y-yes," John said quietly.

Paul released John's head and stood up. He stayed in the light, and slowly began to unbutton his shirt. John looked on, managing to calm down a little. Paul continued to undress: slowly, deliberately, his intense eyes fixed on John's the entire time. He finally stripped down to nothing, exposing an erection that made John's eyes widen. Paul stood there for a moment and John stared at the lithe, handsome body of his captor. His own neglected erection began to ache for attention.

Paul leaned over and untied toe rope that secured John's wrists to the bed. He stood over John on the bed and pulled him upright. John flinched a little when Paul reached for him with his free hand. Paul grabbed a handful of hair and pulled John's head forward. John knew what he was expected to do. He opened his mouth and received Paul's hard organ. At first, he was hesitant and nervous - afraid to displease Paul in any way. Soon, however, his passion took control. He licked Paul and sucked him, giving Paul the attention he himself so desperately wanted. He was rewarded by several loud groans of pleasure.

John moved his hands up and gently teased Paul's nipples - first one then the other - until they were as hard as the throbbing cock John sucked. Paul's groans grew louder. His grip on John's head tightened and John could feel him trembling with excitement. The more frenzied Paul became, the more excited John felt. His own erection throbbed mercilessly. He kept pleasing Paul until he started to gasp and pant. Suddenly, Paul shouted and yanked John's head back sharply.

John cringed and shielded himself with his arms, horribly afraid that he had done something wrong. He waited for the blow he was sure would come. He was surprised when Paul didn't strike. Confusion gave way to understanding when John felt a warm liquid on his arms. Paul had pulled him away just before he came, so that John wouldn't be forced to swallow the results. John found himself touched by Paul's consideration. And decidedly jealous of his satisfaction.

Eventually, Paul relaxed. He loosed his desperate grip on John's hair and sighed. He looked down at John and smiled faintly, gently touching John's cheek. He stepped off the bed and slowly pushed John back down. Keeping hold of his wrists, he positioned himself between John's legs and took all of John's rock hard member into his mouth. John gasped and shuddered, almost delirious from the long awaited attention. Paul slowly licked the shaft up and down, eliciting hoarse groans of agonizing pleasure from John. Paul moved away from John's cock for a while, moving his tongue teasingly over the sensitive skin around it. He took each of John's balls into his mouth, slowly tantalizing them until John was reduced to a writhing, gasping, sweaty wreck.

Finally, Paul took John into his mouth again, sucking long and hard. While he did this, he untied the little leather strap at the base of John's member. When it was gone, Paul pulled John even deeper into his mouth, running his tongue along the very base of John's cock. The orgasm hit John like none had ever done before. He screamed and arched his back to bring himself closer to Paul. He writhed and pumped, unable to control the desperate groans that came from him as wave after wave of pleasure washed over him. Paul continued to suck, swallowing John's cum until there was no more. He then moved to lay beside John on the bed. John fell back, panting and shaking from utter exhaustion. He had only enough energy to return the tender kiss Paul gave him before falling deep asleep. Paul cradled John's head on his shoulder and joined him in peaceful slumber.


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