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McCoy grinned, feeling a surge of delightful anticipation at the sight of the man splayed out before him. He let his eyes rove slowly over the muscular arms, crossed at the wrist, and tied firmly above his head. He looked at the thick, well-shaped torso, the powerful legs, the beautiful, delicious looking cock at the center of it all, lying almost casually against the muscular thigh. His grin grew broader when that cock twitched slightly at his rapt attention. Jim’s hazel eyes registered something between fury and embarrassment, and his perfect little lips curved down.

“Dammit, Bones, wh-“

“Quiet!” he snapped.

Jim’s cock twitched again, bringing the smile back to McCoy’s face. Slowly, he removed his own shirt and let it fall to the floor. He pulled out of his pants, making sure that Jim was able to see his own growing erection. He reached down and slowly stroked himself, watching with pleasure as Jim’s eyes widened, and his chest began to take on a rosy flush. He didn’t speak. Didn’t have to. The twitch turned into a full-blown erection in a matter of seconds. The sight alone was almost enough to send the doctor over the edge, and he immediately stopped touching himself and drew closer to Jim.

He reached out a long-fingered hand, and stroked Jim with a touch so light it barely felt like a tickle to his own finger. Jim bit back a groan, but his body bucked in response. “Dammit-“

“Shhhh.” Leonard smiled at Jim and brought his index finger from the top of Jim’s throbbing length right down to the base, with a slow, deliberate, and delicate touch that had Jim shuddering uncontrollably. He felt his own arousal heightening at the sight of this powerful man, shuddering in ecstasy from the touch of his finger. He considered stroking Jim again, but he wasn’t ready for the explosion just yet.

He stood away from the bed, feeling a thrill of pure pleasure when Jim’s hips strained toward him, almost against the captain’s will. He forced the heady grin off his face, and looked directly into Jim’s eyes. “Turn over.”


“Turn. Over. On your stomach, Jim. Now.”

Leonard watched the emotions play on his friend’s face. Shock, outrage, and nervousness flashed by in seconds, but they were followed immediately by a look of such hungry desire that it almost shattered him. He forced himself to wait, putting on his most stern expression, and knowing that it must certainly be tinged with a lust strong enough to match Jim’s own expression.

After another second’s hesitation, during which McCoy wondered if he would actually have to use force to get what he wanted, Jim used his legs to push up slightly, and turn over in the bed, twisting the restraints on his wrists just a little tighter. Leonard couldn’t stop a husky groan from escaping his lips. If Jim had looked delicious before he was absolutely amazing now – pushed slightly up on his knees, that round, damnably perfect ass lifted, cheeks parted ever so slightly, like a teasing invitation.

McCoy couldn’t take it anymore. His cock was throbbing, the tip already wet and wanting, and he could barely breathe. He climbed onto the bed, and took hold of Jim’s round, glorious ass, parting him even further. A shudder coursed through Jim at his touch, and the faint whimper he heard muffled through the single pillow, sent him over the edge. He pressed himself deep into Jim’s body, reveling in the repeated shudders that ripped through his friend as he moved deeper and deeper in. When he couldn’t go any further, he pulled out slowly. There was a needy, keening sound coming from below him, mingled with another, more guttural moan. He was almost shocked to realize that the deep, gritty groan had come from his own mouth.

He pressed in again, sheathing himself, delighting in the warm, glorious pressure. Jim’s moans of pleasure spurred him on, and when he felt the man press back against him, he couldn’t take it anymore. He broke. Fuck caution. Fuck taking it easy. Fuck JIM. FUCK JIM RIGHT NOW. He pumped into that voluptuous ass vigorously, jerking in and out wildly – riding Jim as hard and as fast as his own shuddering body would allow. Conscious thought was a thing of the past. There was only THIS – his body inside Jim’s, pumping and pressing and writhing together, fast and strong and overpowering.

At last, with a scream that shook them both, McCoy found release. He felt a wild sense of power and pleasure in the feeling of his semen gushing into Jim’s body. He was marked now. He belonged to Leonard H. McCoy, and dammit, that was fucking beautiful. After a moment spent simply basking in the control – the ownership – he slowly reached down and felt beneath Jim’s torso. He needn’t have worried about making sure that Jim was also completely satisfied. The bed was wet and warm from Jim’s own orgasm. The man still shuddered slightly beneath him, which sent another jolt of pleasure through him.

Slowly – almost reluctantly – he pulled out, and stood up. He shook slightly himself, but he wasn’t ashamed. He leaned over Jim’s head, placing a hand on the restraints. “You belong to me, now,” he whispered.

Jim turned his head, and looked at Leonard’s face, his heavy-lidded eyes practically unreadable. He swallowed, apparently trying to get some moisture to his dry lips. Finally, his mouth curved up into the classic, charming, James T. Kirk smile. “Took you long enough.”


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