Lunch Break
Michelle Perry

The thought occurred to him out of the blue - like a complete and perfect moment of sudden, unexpected inspiration. Eureka! his mind told him. THIS is what you should do next. So, he put the desire of his mind into action. He looked over at the kid, and a lacivious smile spread across his face. The kid looked at him, eyebrows raising in curiosity. He had an air of innocence about him, despite the scruffy, three-day beard on his face. The almost-sweet, questioning look only served to solidify his sudden resolve. It also served to make his dick twitch. His smile widened, and he spoke the thought aloud.

"I'm going to fuck you."

The boy froze, sandwich half way to his mouth. The crystal blue eyes widened, and there was a pinkish flush on his cheeks. He looked around, almost as if he were concerned that someone might be watching them. There was a hesitant chuckle. "W-what? Like... right here in the park?"

His smile widened. "That's right, boy. Right here in the middle of the fucking park in broad goddamn daylight."

The kid's face turned almost beet red, and he glanced around again. When he looked back at Bones, there was a grin on his face. "You're dirtier than I realized, Doctor," he whispered.

"Nnngh." The hoarse sound of the boy's whisper brought back the memory of the first time they'd fucked - twenty days almost to the hour after he'd hired the kid to clean out his garage. A pity job for a down-on-his luck twenty-something had turned into a regular position doing odd jobs around the house. That had turned into days spent noticing his wiry, muscular body - usually shirtless, almost always glistening with sweat - and yearning to do more than look. It was that same hoarse whisper that had melted him one night - "You keep staring at me, Doctor. When ya gonna let me fuck you?"

That same roguish smile was on his face now, despite the blush he could now see spreading down to the boy's chest. Leonard jerked his head in the direction of the little gathering of trees not far from their table. "Get going," he said, his own voice barely above a hoarse whisper. "On your back."

He stood up immediately, setting the sandwich down, and damned if Leonard's dick didn't twitch again at the boy's instant obedience. Jim lay down in the grass, his feet planted on the ground, and his hands folded casually behind his head, as if he were just gazing at the fucking trees rustling in the breeze. The doctor abandoned his own lunch and followed the boy over. He stood over him, taking in the almost smug smile on the kid's face. That was gonna get wiped away real quick. He felt his slacks tightening as he started getting hard, but he didn't release himself yet. First things first.

Leonard knelt on the grass and pushed Jim's legs apart. He made short work of the buttons on Jim's navy jeans. His eyes widened when he realized there was nothing between the jeans and the creamy skin of his boy's hips. He glared at the broadening smile on Jim's face, and let out an almost feral growl. He yanked the jeans down, assisted by Jim helpfully lifting his hips just enough to drive Leonard absolutely wild. When they were just out of the way, about half way down his thighs, he unbuttoned his black work slacks and freed himself. He didn't bother to pull the slacks down at all, just shoved Jim's legs up, and pressed himself deep inside with a satisfied moan. Jim groaned in response, and his body shuddered around Leonard's, giving him a split second of even more intense pleasure.

"Come on, Bones," Jim said, grasping the backs of his own knees and grinning at him again. "Fuck me."

That was it. Whatever desire he'd had to take it slow and be careful with the boy vanished, and he was consumed by the need to possess - to take - to OWN the kid with his yellow, messy highlights, and his fuzzy beard and his fucking nicknames. He gripped Jim's hips and shoved himself deeper inside. Jim's head lolled back, and Leonard grinned again. "I'll show you Bones, boy." He pulled out and shoved himself in again, then again, setting a frenzied pace. Jim panted and gasped, and held onto his own legs for dear life, while Bones pounded into him. "That's right, boy. Take it, take it! Right there on the fucking grass like a good little bitch."

Jim let out the delicious rasping whine that he made when Leonard was doing a particularly good job of fucking his brains out. He shifted ever so slightly, and gave an even more forceful thrust. He felt a surge of possession and delight when Jim let out a scream, and his rock-hard dick spurted suddenly, leaving a little of that glorious milky liquid on the hem of Jim's white t-shirt. Leonard continued to pump him, feeling almost wild with pleasure at the sight of Jim leaking in time to his well-place thrusts, slowly turning the lower half of his shirt translucent with his wetness. Bones grunted and panted with his own rhythm, and revelled in the sight of Jim, head lolled back on the grass, eyes shut against the sun glinting down on him through the trees, teeth clamped tightly together, but not tight enough to hold back that throat-shredding, dick-charging, mind-fucking-blowing whine still coming from him.

That sound got louder and more urgent, and Leonard pushed himself harder - faster - until finally he exploded into Jim's willing ass with a scream that must have been heard all the way in the back rooms of the medical offices. When he was able to take in his surroundings again, he knew that Jim had found release as well, judging solely from the spray pattern on his now-obscene t-shirt. Leonard pulled out and started to get up, but Jim whined again - this time a plaintive sound - and clutched at him. He acquiesced, slowly pushing Jim's legs down again and laying on top of him, heedless of the mess he was making of his dress shirt.

Jim smiled at him, and licked his dry lips. "I can't fucking believe you," he whispered.

Leonard gave him an exhausted, incredulous laugh. "I can't believe me, either."

Jim shook his head and looked back at the green canopy above them. "I'm never gonna be able to look at trees the same way again."


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