Gratuitous Sex
Michelle Perry

Steve slammed Gregg against the wall and dropped to his knees. He yanked at Gregg’s fly frantically, trying to get to the delights that awaited him. “Ste-"

“Shhh,” Steve said. He finally got the damned fly unzipped. He smiled. No underwear. He gently lifted his prize to his lips and started licking. Gregg’s knees buckled, and he struggled to remain standing. Steve moved his tongue in lazy circles at the head of Gregg’s cock, moving away occasionally to give his balls a quick suck. He waited for that special sound – the throaty groan that meant Gregg was about to go completely insane. Then he stopped. Gregg grabbed Steve’s hair tightly and Steve shuddered. He loved that. He obliged Gregg quickly this time, taking all of him into his mouth. He sucked slow and gentle, wanting to make this last as long as possible. He got a thrill from every guttural moan and gasp he got from Gregg. After several minutes, he could feel Gregg start to strain and pump, trying to shove himself further into Steve’s mouth. Steve started to suck harder, and Gregg started to scream. Finally, Gregg came, straining and clutching Steve’s head, consumed with pure passion. Steve swallowed everything, relishing the familiar taste.

Finally, Gregg collapsed against the wall, completely spent. Steve carefully zipped and buttoned Gregg’s pants, then stood up. He smiled at Gregg and gave him a hug. “Goodbye, baby. Good luck.”

Gregg smiled that lopsided smile that Steve loved so much. “Thanks, doll. Good luck to you, too.”

Steve smiled and turned away. He went back to his hotel room, flopped on the bed and vowed to hate the new keyboardist.


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