Glory Days
Michelle Perry

Bones was sulking. Yeah, he was sulking, and he knew it seemed childish, but he didn't give a damn. He didn't want to hear one more single story about what Jimmy had done when they were in high school together. He didn't want to know about how many times she'd caught him kissing other girls, out how his sweet little blue eyes always brought her back to him. He didn't care about the time he swung on the varsity quarter back for calling her a nasty name. And he certainly didn't want to hear what a great kisser Jimmy was.

After the fourth time Jim had tried to change the subject, and had it steered blatantly back to the glory days of Jimmy and Jamie (even their fucking names were obnoxious), Leonard had had enough. He'd slammed his drink down, stood up and just stormed off, ignoring Jim's call and Jamie's "gosh, I hope I didn't upset him!" Lying bitch.

He'd snapped at a passing attendant and demanded a cigarette. The man, dressed in the traditional old-style bell hop suit asked him if he wanted tobacco or virgin, and out of spite and anger, he'd chosen tobacco. Yeah, that had probably been dramatic, too. I hate your old girlfriend so much that I want to kill myself. But dammit, so what!

Now, he was sitting in the back room of some ugly club across the street, holding the lit cigarette, scowling at nothing, and daring someone to say one word to him.

Jim stood up immediately, the moment Bones lost it. "Bones!" Ignored. Jamie said some bullshit about hoping she wasn't the reason he was upset. "Of course you do," he snapped. "You've been goading him all night!"

"But, Jimmy-"

"JIM. I told you, I don't use Jimmy anymore."

She frowned. "Well I was just making conversation! Your friend is so-"

"My fiance is well within his rights to be upset, and you would be too if... Ugh! Why am I even..." He let out a frustrated sigh. "This was a bad idea."

Without wasting any more time on her, Jim trotted toward the exit to find Bones. He didn't even have to ask the bell-hop/cigarette/drink guy anything. The man pointed out the door, and Jim ran out. He paused and looked around, aided by the gaudy, but convenient spotlights on the side of the hotel. Jim caught sight of someone that might have been Bones, walking quickly into a modern dive opposite the quasi-40's themed Grand Illusion Hotel. He didn't bother to call out - the noise would have drowned out any sound he made, and even if Bones had heard, he would probably have ignored him again anyway. He jogged across the street and stepped inside.

It didn't take long for him to find the "thirty-something, dark-haired, grouchy man with a cigarette". (Bones with a cigarette? Great, his mood was worse than Jim thought.) He was off in a dark corner, with his back to the rest of the room, staring off into space, not even smoking the thing. "Bones." His head lifted slightly, but he refused to turn around. Jim sat next to him, bumping his shoulder lightly.

Bones looked at him, then glanced past him at the crowded bar. "Where's Jamie?"

Jim sighed. "Sorry about that. I should have made her stop a long time ago. She's..."

"A tramp?" Bones supplied.

Jim laughed. "Among other things. C'mon, let's-" Jim was cut off by the sudden attack of Bones' mouth. A hand gripped his hair, while Bones' other arm locked around his shoulders, pressing him to the doctor in an almost painfully tight grip. Bones' kiss was rough at first, but he seemed to relax when Jim let him in and gripped him just as tightly. Bones was gentle, but demanding, and Jim let him control the situation, going with the flow and just enjoying the ride.

When Bones finally let them up for air, he couldn't help but let out a breathless chuckle. Bones smiled at him, and there was a hungry gleam in his eyes. "She's right," he said, voice husky. "You're a damn good kisser." Jim laughed again. "Come on, let's go get some practice in."


"For our honeymoon," he explained, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Jim cackled and let himself be led to the car. It wasn't until hours later, when he lay panting and sweating in Bones' arms, that he realized he'd left Jamie to deal with the check.


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