The Emperor's March
Rosalinda StMatthew

"And now, young Skywalker... you... will... DIE!"

"Oh my God, Horatio, what the hell?!"

Horatio jumped a mile and whipped around to see Calleigh and Ryan doubled over with laughter. "How long have you been standing there?"

Calleigh just cackled louder, still speechless from Horatio's performance and Ryan's amused outburst. Ryan pulled himself together long enough to try to form a sentence. "Um, long enough to know that you have a new iPod..." He disolved into laughter again, high fiving Calleigh as best he could in their jovial state.

Horatio pulled the earbuds out and stalked back to A/V, wiping the portable device down on his pants leg. He slipped in the door, stuck the player in its dock and started to wipe it down, but a chuckle froze him in his tracks. Cooper stood there, a wide grin spread on his boyish face. "Yeah, videophones are almost as much fun as video iPods, Lieutenant." He pulled out his phone, pressed a couple of buttons, and showed Horatio the tiny video of himself 'choking' Luke Skywalker.

Horatio scowled and left A/V in a huff. "Geeks." He stifled a private smile at Calleigh's howling laughter in the background.


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