Ellen Meets Hat Guy
Michelle Perry

She wasn't one for clubs. Not this kind, anyway. A bunch of kids, waving their arms around, doing what she supposed could loosely be termed "dancing". Still, it was better than staying at home on a Saturday night, and it was far better than listening to her best friend whine at her for the next month if she hadn't come. She let herself be dragged to a seat at the bar, pretty close to the stage, grateful that most of the kids in the club weren't old enough to sit there.

"Isn't this great, Ellen?"

Ellen cut her eyes at her best friend. "I don't know why I even put up with your crazy ass." Crystal just giggled in that fucking chirpy, unconcerned way. Ellen sighed and ordered an apple martini. Maybe if she got smashed, she would be able to enjoy herself despite all the people.

The drink was good, and she started to feel just a little more mellow. The music that had been blaring a moment before got softer, and an MC came on stage and announced the featured talent for the night. She rolled her eyes at the name. Another animal-band. Crystal clapped excitedly, and Ellen looked at her with a slight frown. "You'll like them," Crystal announced.

"Sure," Ellen said. She paid attention to the stage all the same, because Crystal did tend to know her tastes fairly well. Still, she couldn't imagine any band being worth dealing with crowds and a lot of unnecessary chatter. After a few seconds, four men walked onto the stage. They were dressed bright red shirts with a double row of bright white buttons, gray slacks and shiny black boots. "Interesting uniforms," she mumbled. She watched the men get into position, casually noting their physical features. The shortest one stood in front at the center mic, a tambourine in one hand, and three red maracas in the other. Nice hair, big, bright teeth that she could have counted from where she sat if she felt like trying. There was a blonde guy with a cute grin that seemed to be stuck to his face on bass, a squinty looking, dark-haired kid on the drums, and a tall, skinny man with an incongruous green knitted cap on his head on guitar.

The hat guy counted them off, and Ellen found herself wondering why it hadn't been the drummer or the bass player. No matter. He had a nice speaking voice, and she ended up watching him for most of the song, even though the short one was singing lead. There was something about him that was incredibly... hot. The word popped into her head without her permission. What the hell? She wasn't usually attracted to guys who looked like they could walk between raindrops. But she found herself taking note of his mannerisms while he played. His hands were nice, and he made a kind of pouty face while he concentrated on his playing. Mmmmmm. Nice lips.

Ellen shook her head and paid attention to her drink. Crystal was bopping along to the music in her seat. The song was catchy, and there was a nice bit of eye candy on the stage. Maybe the evening wouldn't be a total waste of time. Ellen allowed herself to move to the music just a bit as the set progressed. She continued to watch Hat Guy, but she started to get frustrated because he never seemed to sing lead. The little English one and Squint-Eyes monopolized the leads. She liked the way the English one sounded, but Squint-Eyes could keep his mouth shut as far as she was concerned. "I want to hear him," she said.

"Which one?" Crystal asked her.

Ellen was a little surprised that she'd made the statement out loud. "The one with the hat," she replied.

"Ahhh." Crystal nodded. "I think he does a couple in the second set. That's what they did last time I was here."

Ellen nodded. Good. Hopefully they wouldn't change anything up. The next song was a ballad sung by the drummer. She sighed, disgusted. She wanted to watch Hat Guy some more, but the Ugly one had an irritating voice that did NOT go well with ballads. She told Crystal she'd be back in a second and went in search of the ladies' room. As usual, the geniuses in charge of designing the building had made a women's bathroom with a serious deficiency of stalls and bathroom space. She had to wait in line for several minutes before she was finally able to get in the door. At last, she was able to get in and take care of business. By the time she finished waiting for a sink to wash her hands and squeezed her way past the growing line back out the door, the live music had stopped, and the generic stuff was playing on the speakers.

Ellen was on her way back to the bar when the funny looking drummer rounded a corner and slammed straight into her. Ellen fell backwards, bowled over by the force of the kid's momentum. She scowled and started to pick herself up, ready to fire off a stream of curse words at the clumsy kid. Before she could even begin, someone else started yelling.

"Jesus CHRIST, Micky, why'n'cha watch where you're goin'?? I told you about runnin' 'round corners!"

"Sorry!" the kid whined. "I didn't mean.. um... lemme..." The drummer tried to help her up, but she was already half way on her feet, and his "assistance" only got in the way.

"I'm fine," she snapped. He backed away, and a different hand reached out to help. The long-fingered hand was soft looking, and she recognized it right away. She smiled and looked up into the soft brown eyes of Hat Guy. He looked even better up close, and (somehow) skinnier. She let him help her to her feet, and he let his hand linger on hers for just a bit longer than necessary.

"Sorry about that, miss," he said, his sweet, southern lilt now soft and gentle, whereas he'd sounded like he was going to shred his bandmate to pieces with his voice alone just a few seconds before.

"Don't sweat it," she said. "You guys sound good."

"Thank you," he said brightly. He looked like he was going to say something else, but the bass player trotted up to him and tapped his shoulder.

"Excuse me," he said to Ellen. "Mike, you'd better go now. We only have five more minutes."

Mike scowled daggers at the chirpy blonde, then turned back to Ellen. "I have to run, sweetheart," he said. "Stick around after the show if you can. I'd like to buy you a drink." He smiled and winked at her, then trotted off after his friend. Ellen looked after him, knowing that there was probably a really stupid looking grin on her face, but not quite caring.

Ellen went back to her seat at the bar, muttering a brief explanation of what had kept her. She waited impatiently for the five minute break to end, brightening up slightly when the band came back on stage. She was pleased to note that Crystal had been right about Hat Guy - Mike - singing lead in the second set. His singing voice was even sexier than his speaking voice. He caught her eye and held her gaze for most of the set, occasionally licking his lips in a not-quite casual way. Ellen felt herself getting hotter, and she had a feeling it wasn't just because of the crowd in the club. She grew impatient for the set to end, hoping that all this eye contact, and that wink after his request to buy her a drink meant what she thought it meant.

At long last, the band was finished, and the men left the stage. Ellen and Crystal waited at the bar, chatting about the band, and the songs that they preferred. After a few minutes, Mike strolled up to the bar with the bass player a few steps behind him. Mike walked right up to Ellen and rested his hand on the bar, leaning over her ever so slightly. "Thanks for waitin', honey," he said. "What would you like to drink?"

Ellen gave him a seductive smile. "I'll drink whatever you want to give me," she said. Mike's smile widened, and he called the bar tender over. Ellen heard Crystal clear her throat, and she jumped just a little. "Oh, sorry. Crystal, this is Mike. Mike, Crystal."

"Pleasure, miss," Mike said. "This is Peter," he said, gesturing to the bass player. Peter said hello, and edged a little closer. He started to chat with Crystal about nothing in particular, but Ellen stopped paying attention. Mike was licking his lips again.

He ordered them a round of drinks. Ellen and Mike finished theirs quickly, with little discussion passing between them. She was vaguely aware that Peter and Crystal seemed to have warmed to each other, but mostly, she was focused on the lines of Mike's jaw, his nose, his eyes, and that damn sexy mouth of his. He seemed equally intent on watching her. "Did you drive here?" he asked.

"Crystal drove," she said.

"Mmm. Like to see my wheels?"

"I would." She said a word to Crystal to let her know where she was going, then followed Mike out of the bar. He led her to a gargantuan red Pontiac convertible, shining in the moonlight like some kind of mystical car-god. "Oh, damn," she whispered.

"Heh. Get in. I'll show you how it rides."

Ellen ignored the voice in her head that told her she shouldn't get into a car alone with a guy she'd only known for two hours. Crystal knew who she was with, and she wasn't getting a psycho-freak kind of vibe from Mike. Super-freak, maybe, but not psycho. He held the passenger side door open for her, making sure she was comfortable before shutting the door. Then he slid into the driver's seat, easing into position as if this seat, in this car, was his natural state. He started the car and eased them out of the parking lot. "She runs beautifully," Ellen said.

Mike grinned at her. "Well, thank you, sugar," he said happily. "I tune her up myself."

"Wow." Ellen was even more impressed, and she was pleased by his happy response. She made a mental note to praise the car again the next time she wanted to get a big smile from her new friend.

He took her around the area for about ten minutes or so before heading back to the club. Ellen sighed, a little disappointed that all Mike actually planned to do was show her how the car drove. But when he got to the parking lot, he tossed the keys to the English guy. "Y'all can handle this, right, Davy?"

"Sure, Mike."

Mike smiled down at Ellen. "Think your friend would mind an extra passenger?"

Ellen shook her head, and in about three minutes, she was in the back seat of Crystal's car, with Peter riding shotgun, and Mr. Tall and Skinny sitting in the back beside her. He seemed to dwarf the little Japanese import, and Ellen had to stifle an amused giggle when he started muttering about back seats being made for midgets. Mike heard her anyway, and he made a show of leaning onto her side of the car to give himself room. Ellen just yanked him closer, pleased to feel a bit of muscle under his red shirt. He let her pull him closer, staring at her with those damn sleepy eyes. He leaned over her, pulling her close to him so that she could feel his warmth on her skin. Then he did it. He licked his fucking lips again. This time, a pleased moan escaped her. Her body was already tingling slightly from his closeness, and his rosy, shining, bow-shaped lips were just too much for her to take. To hell with it! She grabbed him by the back of his neck, enjoying his surprised yelp, and kissed him fervently, finally tasting those oh-so-inviting lips that had been taunting her all night.

Mike's shock lasted only for a second. He kissed her back, pressing his body close to her, searching her with his tongue, nibbling her lips playfully. She shuddered as he teased her, lightly drawing his tongue over her sensitive mouth, eliciting an involuntary whimper.

"Having fun back there?" Crystal asked.

"Uh-huh," Mike said, not taking his attention off of Ellen. Still kissing her, he repositioned himself and pulled her closer, sliding his hand slowly under her blouse. She shuddered again, but made no move to stop him. Soft, long fingers found their way to her bra. He tried to release the clasp from the back, but couldn't seem to get it unfastened. Ellen was about to offer to do it for him when he let out a frustrated growl, moved back to the front of the bra and yanked the whole strap down so that he could get at her skin. He held her for a few seconds, just squeezing gently while he kissed her. Then, he started to move down, tracing his tongue down the side of her jaw, licking and sucking her neck as if determined to give her a hickey.

Ellen wrapped her arms around Mike, pulling him still closer. She tugged at his shirt, trying to get it untucked so she could feel his skin. After a few maddening seconds, she was able to yank his shirt out of his pants and feel his skin. She clutched at his back, digging her fingertips in just a little. She was rewarded with a moan from Mike, and she let go a throaty laugh.

"I'm starting to get jealous," Peter said.

"You and me both," Crystal muttered.

"All right, all right, I get the point." Mike gave Ellen one last lingering kiss on the neck before pulling away and settling back into his seat. Ellen glared at him, but sat up and straightened her shirt. She sat drumming her fingers on the arm rest, stealing glances at Mike. His shirt was rumpled, and his hair was a little bit messy. She reflected that she was probably in a similar state, and combed her fingers through her hair.

The drive to the house was agonizingly long. When they pulled up, Ellen practically jumped out of the car, already fishing for the house keys. "You think your friend will mind if we crash here?" she could hear Peter ask.


"Aren't you dropping her off?"

"We're roommates," Crystal explained. "Come on, let's..."

Ellen couldn't hear anything else Crystal or Peter said to each other. The door was open, and Mike was already in the house, reaching for her. She let him pull her into his arms. "Nice place," he muttered, even though he couldn't possibly see the house with his face buried in her hair. "Mmmm, you smell good."

"Thanks," she whispered.

Mike kissed her deeply, reawakening all the sensitive nerves that had cooled down during the last part of the drive home. Ellen let him kiss her for several moments, again tugging on his shirt. She started working with the large buttons, prying them open without tearing the shirt. Mike stopped kissing her long enough to take the shirt off and toss it to the floor. Ellen smiled appreciatively. He was thin, to be sure, but he had a kind of wiry strength about him - his arms and chest were muscular and well-formed. He yanked her own shirt up over her head and discarded it behind him. Ellen heard a gasp from Crystal, and glanced over to see the bass player tugging at her shirt.

Her attention was back on Mike in an instant. He grabbed her arms and fixed her with a hungry stare. "Where's your room?" he asked in a husky voice. Ellen lead him to her bedroom, and he shut the door behind him. The slight tingle of nervousness at being closed in a room with a practical stranger only served to heighten Ellen's excitement. She watched with growing anticipation as he began to unbuckle his belt. He pulled - peeled? - his slacks down, to revel smooth, milky skin. She gaped at him when she realized that, after removing his pants, Mike was completely naked.

"You... you don't wear..."

"Not always," he said. He advanced on her, and she began to pull off her skirt. He held her gaze long enough to make sure she caught him licking those damn, dangerous lips of his before taking hold of her and pushing her gently onto the bed. Ellen lay back in eager anticipation, while Mike climbed slowly on top of her. She trembled slightly when she felt his long, warm body pressed against her. She expected him to start fast, since they'd already had some foreplay in the car, but he had other plans. Kissed her face softly a few times, slowly moving down again, spending more time licking her neck. This time, he took it slow, lazily tracing circle along her neck, sending shudders through her. She whimpered as the jolts of pleasure coursed through her body. She wanted to yank him to her, force him to get inside of her and ease some of this awful tension. But at the same time, she was glad he knew how to take it slow, because she didn't want any of it to stop.

Mike finally moved down from Ellen's neck, and began to pay attention to her breasts. He massaged one of them, playfully teasing her nipple, while sucking on the other. His attentions were almost more than she could take. She could hear the little, tortured gasps that kept escaping. Mike seemed determined to drive her insane. Whenever she seemed to be reaching some kind of climax, he stopped and started kissing her face again until she came down enough for him to go back to sucking her breasts.

The third time he did it, Ellen decided enough was enough. She grabbed a handful of his thick brown hair and yanked him close to her. "Fuck me," she growled.

A guttural sound escaped Mike, and he grinned broadly. He slowly moved his hand down, gently brushing her thigh with his long fingers, eliciting another shiver from her. He pushed her legs wider apart than they already were and maneuvered himself so that he was kneeling between her knees. He looked down at her, and the smile that was already on his lips grew even wider. "Oh, yeah," he whispered. He slowly leaned forward and pushed deep inside her.

Ellen cried out, not from any pain, but from the long-awaited, glorious feeling of Mike's cock inside her. She pressed up against him, wanting him deep inside - as deep as he would go. He held himself there for a second, straining his hips against hers. Then, at last, he began to pump. His hips rocked with hers, and he leaned forward and took her left breast into his mouth. He sucked and licked her noisily, the sounds themselves heightening her arousal almost as much as the feel of his tongue on her tender nipple. He teased the other one with his hand at the same time, rubbing and tugging on her, eliciting cries of pure pleasure from Ellen.

Ellen gasped when, after pumping in and out of her for several minutes, Mike started to growl. He made a low, rumbling noise, that seemed to correspond to any pleased gasps, or shudders from Ellen. The sound sent thrills through her, and she pulled him close to her and rocked her hips into him more forcefully. Mike responded in kind, pumping harder and faster as the seconds passed. He turned his attention back to her neck, sucking her, licking her, sending uncontrollable shudders through her entire body. Ellen put a hand on Mike's ass, squeezing it playfully before gripping him tightly and pressing him into her. That got another lustful growl out of him, and his hip movements grew even more urgent.

Their rhythm quickened, and Mike seemed to fill her completely with every single push. Ellen could feel herself drawing near to climax. Her body shook, and she started to scream, begging - ordering - Mike not to stop. His kisses covered her neck, and his hands still teased her breasts mercilessly. Finally, she felt the hot, wet explosion come inside her, and she let out one last throaty scream. Mike held her tight, pumping into her faster than ever, grunting with each thrust. Then he thrust himself deep, deep inside of her, inching forward so much that Ellen feared he might tear something. He stopped just on the safe side of painful, his body trembling, the hard, thick organ moving ever so slightly, awakening sensations that she hadn't thought could be awakened this late in the game. At last, he gave one last, violent cry, then collapsed on top of her.

Ellen wrapped her arms around Mike's thin, trembling shoulders. "Wow," she whispered, when she could talk again.

Mike laughed. "That's what I was gonna say."

Ellen smiled, and gave him a slight squeeze with what little energy she had left. Mike pulled away slightly and lay down beside her, pulling her close. He didn't seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere, which was another plus for him (on top of being hot, and an amazing fuck). She settled in, pleased by how comfortable she was in the arms of her bony musician. She closed her eyes and sighed contentedly. Maybe clubs had their uses after all.


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