Michelle Perry

Speed stood outside the doors of the cathedral. He wasn't comfortable around these places. Ornate architecture, crosses everywhere, austere stained glass, and a feeling in the very material the place was made of seemed designed to make people uncomfortable. It was the type of place where the awful feelings of guilt and shame seemed to be almost glorified.

Speed only had to wait about ten minutes before Horatio returned. He smiled slightly, looking a little more tired than he had when they first came. "You okay?" Speed asked.

"Fine, fine," Horatio assured him. "Thanks for waiting. You ready for dinner?"

"Yup," Speed said. He led the way to the car, and Speed climbed into the passenger seat. They rode for a few minutes in silence. Finally, Speed couldn't hold it in anymore. He cleared his throat. "So... you tell everything in confession, right?"

"Everything you feel guilty about, yes."

Speed was silent again. He glanced at Horatio a couple of times before speaking again. "Do... do you tell..." He cleared his throat. "Do you ever feel guilty about-"

"Never," Horatio said, squeezing Speed's hand. "Never."

Speed smiled and squeezed back.


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