Mission Accomplished
Chapter 4 - Determination

This is it. This is the time Brandt is sure he's going to crack. He's going to let that indomitable spirit rest for a while, and actually face reality. And it almost happened. Ethan looked crushed when he walked through that door and had to tell them that not only were the codes gone, but they were literally in Hendricks' hands. He'd tried to keep blame off of his face - he hoped he succeeded. Ethan's eyes, his face... his entire body language just spoke of how sick he felt about what had happened.

But then it didn't happen. He left the room and came back full of fire. Exposed Brandt's secrets, then stormed away, still doggedly determined to repair the situation without their help. And then, there was the call - his call to action. Somehow, he'd managed to get tons of equipment and a goddamn JET. Brandt wanted to clear the air, but Ethan declared it cleared without waiting for explanations. Whatever Brandt was hiding, he didn't care, and he still wanted Brandt on the team. And even though Brandt swore that he would never go into the field again, and he had a perfect out right there, handed to him on a silver platter, for the second time he agreed to follow Ethan Hunt into the unknown with nothing more than a country name and a mini-plane.

Well. If anybody could turn this jacked up, horrific excuse for a situation into a success, it would have to be Ethan Matthew Hunt.

This is it. This is the time Benji's sure he's going to crack. He's going to shout, and rage, and declare how incompetent Benji is, because he is incompetent. Because this shouldn't have happened. His fingers fly across the keys, but there's nothing he can do. He's almost afraid to say the words, but he has to. "The system's crashed, we're too late!"

"No no no!" The words come immediately. "He's revealed himself. Benji can you pinpoint Hendricks' location?"

And that fast, Benji is redeemed, and hope is actually an option again. There's another chance to make this right, and by God he's going to do it. Fingers are flying again, and in seconds, Benji has tracked the signal and fed the coordinates through to Ethan. There's the tricky matter of getting Brandt out of the tunnel while the fan's in operation, but he can do this. And then, they'll be off to help Ethan track down that bloody lunatic who's got them into this mess, and all will soon be right with the world. That's just how it has to be, because... because if anyone can make this right, Ethan can.

This is it. This is the time Jane's sure he's going to crack. Hell, she's cracked. She's about ready to puke right here in this eighteen billion dollar car. Not that it matters what happens to the car now. The missile's in the air. That one short sentence from Benji was a death knell to them all. And for a moment, it seemed like it might really happen. He hadn't given up when she told him that they literally did not have enough time to save the world. But now... now that it was in the air, and there was no going back... The car was stopped, and there was a stricken look on his face. He had to know it was the end.

Then, suddenly, his jaw set, his lips narrowed, and he put the car back in gear. He put himself back in gear. They were already on the move, screeching through the streets, dodging pedestrians. "There's gotta be a way to abort the warhead."

Of course! That quickly, hope snuck back into Jane's mind as well. "If there is one, it'll be on the launch device."

"Then we're gonna get that case."

And at that moment, looking at the dogged determination in Ethan's eyes, Jane had absolutely no doubt that they would succeed.

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