Mirror, Mirror

Chapter 1 - Swept Away
Filming a music video has its dangers.

Chapter 2 - Whoa There!
Mind-blowing isn't the word.

Chapter 3 - Adjusting
It's good to be the king - except when you have no idea what kingdom you're in.

Chapter 4 - Kissing Cousins
Getting a better understanding of our relationship.

Chapter 5 - Shunned
Guilt is painful for everyone.

Chapter 6 - The Garden
If you're lost, no one can show ya.

Chapter 7 - Forgiven
Perspective. Sometimes everyone could use a little.

Chapter 8 - Serenity
This king thing might not be so bad after all.

Chapter 9 - Attacked!
An assassin only fails once.

Chapter 10 - Mirror, Mirror
Sci-Fi is great on television, but when it's happening to you? Not so much.

Chapter 11 - Social Studies
Learning more about the kingdom.

Chapter 12 - Sniper!
They're out to get me.

Chapter 13 - Lessons in Agony
Torture isn't pleasant from either end of the poker.

Chapter 14 - A Glimpse of Evil
Some people shouldn't be allowed to walk the earth.

Chapter 15 - Protection
Who knew the things that could be done with water pressure?

Chapter 16 - Physical Education
The teacher gets closer than expected.

Chapter 17 - Regret, Retribution and Remorse
One man's pain is another man's torment.

Chapter 18 - Familiar Faces
Preparing for the main event.

Chapter 19 - Summit
Biannual councils and the surprises that come along with them.

Chapter 20 - It's An Ill Wind That Blows No One Any Good
Something precious is stolen.

Chapter 21 - Unity
A private moment leads to something more.

Chapter 22 - Rescue Mission
In pursuit of a monster.

Chapter 23 - Into the Forest
And now you know why it's called "Forbidden".

Chapter 24 - Hollow Victory
A battle is won, but has the war been lost?

Chapter 25 - You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello
Where one door closes, another opens.

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