Chapter 8 - Personal Log 0105: Spock

Lt. Cmdr. Spock
Personal Log: 0105
Stardate 2326.8

I have made my report to Captain Kirk regarding the outcome of my evening with Dr. McCoy. Naturally, I did not divulge all of the details of our encounter, as the experience of the mind-meld is not only intensely personal, but is also difficult to describe adequately. Also, I know that the physical intimacy is considered deeply personal by both Human and Vulcan cultures. However, I believe Captain Kirk was sufficiently satisfied by my report, and my success was apparent in Dr. McCoy's swift recovery. After spending the first half of the day asleep, he reported to the Captain looking well-rested, and reported being completely free of even a residual headache.

Although Jim seemed satisfied with McCoy's condition, and with the situation at hand (Note: research use of the term "kiss and make up", e.g. "I'm glad you two have finally kissed and made up".), he has maintained that Dr. McCoy must remain on medical leave for a minimum of five more days. He has also placed me on medical leave, stating that he has reviewed the ship's record tapes, and is aware that I have spent several nights in the lower science labs, and other public places in the ship during hours I typically have spent sleeping. Any protests on either of our parts were summarily silenced, and he announced that his orders were not to be challenged, but obeyed.

As a result, Leonard and I will spend the next several days doing what he calls "making up for lost time". Although I tried to explain to him that lost time cannot be re-gained without the intervention of temporal physics, he has failed to explain himself, but merely stated, "Just hush up and go with it."

My current emotional state has not returned to what could be considered "normal". Although, as always, I hesitate to refer to my own internal status in terms of emotion, as I have not hesitated to describe my "negative" (or, unpleasant) emotions in my personal logs with regard to the previous several days, I see no reason to deny this uniquely pleasing internal sensation, either. Therefore, I believe I may say with authority, and without any embarrassment: I feel happy.


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