Michelle Perry
Chapter 1 - Personal Log 0103: Spock

Lt. Cmdr. Spock
Personal Log 0103
Stardate 2321.8

Since his return from the so-called "Mirror Universe", Dr. McCoy has been uncharacteristically "distant". He has not engaged in his usual acerbic repartee with me during briefings with the Captain, and I have not yet been able to engage him in conversation outside of our duty hours. This is curious since, after the nature of our relationship was altered to its current level of intimacy, but prior to his visit to the parallel universe, he has made several apparent attempts to "steal" moments alone with me. During the beginning of this period, I recorded a daily average of eight distinct, and unnecessary trips into the turbolift at times when I have been the sole occupant, an average of six private communications per day, and a 17.34% increase in unnecessary trips to the bridge during my duty hours.

In the four days since his return, this behavior has almost completely ceased, and has been replaced with behaviors that suggest he may be attempting to avoid being alone with me. Private communications, attempts to join me in the turbolift, and visits to my quarters on off-duty hours have been reduced to 0.00%. There has been a 36.07% decrease in the number of unnecessary trips to the bridge during my duty hours, and during the remaining visits, he seems more tense than usual. Discussions with the Captain that could be made by intra-ship communication, but which were previously personally delivered by the doctor, are now being communicated from Sickbay. There has also been a marked reduction in the level of eye contact between Dr. McCoy and myself, whereas prior to his entrance into the mirror universe, instances of eye contact without apparent cause had increased dramatically.

I find that these behavioral changes have created a curious mental and emotional disturbance within me. My ability to maintain internal emotional control seems to have been weakened, and I find myself concentrating on the problem of Dr. McCoy's behavior during periods which should be devoted to my duties at the science station, or my meditations. I usually hesitate to use human phraseology to describe my internal state, but unfortunately, I can think of no more accurate statement to express my internal turmoil than the following complex and curiously redundant phrase: my feelings are hurt.

Further consideration is required, but I believe Jim would say, "something must give" soon. I foresee increasing difficulty in performing my duties at an acceptable level of speed and accuracy, should these conditions remain unchanged.

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