Chapter 1 - Personal Log 0103: Spock
An unwelcome change has occurred.

Chapter 2 - Personal Log 0063: L.H.McCoy
Trauma. It sucks. A lot.

Chapter 3 - Personal Log 0271: J.T.Kirk
Something isn't right among the crew.

Chapter 4 - Personal Log 0104: Spock
An important fact comes to light.

Chapter 5 - Personal Log 0271a supplemental: J.T.Kirk
Sometimes, the direct approach just doesn't work.

Chapter 6 - Personal Log 0104a supplemental: Spock
Anxiety is un-Vulcan.

Chapter 7 - Personal Log 0064: L.H.McCoy
Catharsis. It sucks less than expected.

Chapter 8 - Personal Log 0105: Spock
Equilibrium has (not exactly) been restored.

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