Broken Glass

Chapter 1 - The End of Happily Ever After
Dr. Brackett's world view gets a reworking.

Chapter 2 - The Lost Weekend
Washing away the pain tends to wash away everything else...

Chapter 3 - Facing the Music
Old times look different without the veil.

Chapter 4 - Atypical Day
More than your usual emergencies.

Chapter 5 - Too Brief Relief
You can never go home again.

Chapter 6 - Street Walker
A welcome distraction, and an unwelcome misunderstanding.

Chapter 7 - Time For a Change
An opportunity presents itself.

Chapter 8 - Business as Usual
A not-quite return to the old routines.

Chapter 9 - Slipping Veneer
No, everything is not alright.

Chapter 10 - Big City
New faces, old friends.

Chapter 11 - On the Seventh Day
The face of After.

Chapter 12 - Stone Cold Fox
A different kind of night on the town.

Chapter 13 - Inquiring Minds
Curiosity not satisfied

Chapter 14 - The Uninterview
A surprising kick up the stairs.

Chapter 15 - Crisis Mode
As long as you're alive, it can always get better.

Chapter 16 - Do No Harm
Dr. Brackett is put to the test.

Chapter 17 - Celebration
Hank celebrates a promotion by getting to know the locals.

Chapter 18 - Like a Virgin
Dr. Brackett has a surprising encounter with a stranger

Chapter 19 - Welcome to Rampart
Hank's first introduction to the quirks of hospital duty

Chapter 20 - Staff Introductions
Captain Stanley meets Rampart's medical staff

Chapter 21 - The Plea
A lecture and a cry for help

Chapter 22 - Advice, Please
Kel turns to a friend for help. -ish.

Chapter 23 - The Hard Fall
A friend learns some of the dark truth.

Chapter 24 - Everyone Deserves a Second Chance
Difficult, but necessary.

Chapter 25 - Changing of the Guard
Every Cap has their own style

Chapter 26 - First Day of School
Hank Stanley comes into his own.

Chapter 27 - Released
Two reunions and a misunderstanding.

Chapter 28 - Bailout
Dix helps Kel take care of business.

Chapter 29 - Rocky Reunion
A master manipulator at work.

Chapter 30 - A Little Help From My Friends
Hank learns more about his team and a little more about a certain doctor.

Chapter 31 - Rock Bottom
Kel has a surprising encounter at work.

Chapter 32 - Forgive Me Too
Four promises

Chapter 33 - New Home, New Hearts
Kel searches for a new home, and for his comfort zone

Chapter 34 - Always An Outsider
An unwelcome conversation

Chapter 35 - Housewarming
Not-so-hostile takeover

Chapter 36 - Here Comes the Sun
Dix sees an old friend come back to life

Chapter 37 - Walking on Broken Glass
Life and death, joy and heartbreak.

Chapter 38 - Somebody Save Me
Hank finds a way to celebrate.

Chapter 39 - A More Deserving Man
When all you can do is go forward

Chapter 40 - Sweet Revenge
Kel gives out his trust and takes back his life

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