Alias Baby Face
Michelle Perry
Chapter 1 - Family Reunion

He watched while the chipper, bouncy, happy-go-lucky man trotted to his car without a care in the world. He followed surreptitiously, keeping himself hidden behind the other cars parked in the lot. He picked up speed when he heard the door to the red monstrosity open and shut. Just as engine turned over, he reached the car. The top was down, so he didn't even bother to check if the door was locked. He just hopped in over the door.

The kid yelped and stared at him with wide eyes. "Baby Face! Uh.. um... uhhhh..." He looked around frantically, clearly not sure what to do. He reached for the doorknob, and Baby Face yanked him back by his collar and pulled out his piece. "Whoa! Wait, wait a minute, okay, just-"

"Cool it!" Baby Face snapped. He shut up, and Baby Face stared him down for a second before letting him go. "I just want to go for a little ride, cousin," he said.

"Uh... okay, sure," he said nervously. "Whatever you say."

"And no funny stuff, Dolenz. You just drive where I tell you to drive."

They pulled out of the parking lot and Baby Face directed him towards a secluded spot on the edge of town where he'd done many jobs before. As they got farther from the main part of town, Dolenz got more and more agitated. He started to look around as if he wanted to call out to someone. He seemed pretty close to trying it once at a red light, and Baby Face jabbed him in the side with the gun as a warning. He glanced worriedly at Baby Face several times, finally working up the courage to ask, "What... w-what are you g-going to do?"

"Just drive," Baby Face said sharply.

He drove on without asking any more questions. By the time they got to the gravel lot behind the abandoned construction site, Dolenz was visibly shaking. The sun had nearly set by then, and the night was swiftly approaching. It was the perfect time for this kind of work - just enough light to see what was necessary, but by the time everything was done, it would be dark enough to cover up any evidence that might need cleaning.

Baby Face told the kid to drive a little farther into the lot, made him to stop. "Turn off the engine and give me the keys." He did as he was told, handing over the keys with a shaking hand.

"L-look, man," he said, his already high-pitched voice sounding even squeakier. "I... it's n-not like I w-wanted t-to-"

"SHUT UP!" Baby Face shouted, suddenly incensed. "I don't want your fucking excuses!" He grabbed the musician by the hair, opened the door and dragged him out of the car, backhanding him with the gun as soon as he hit the ground. "Do you know how humiliating it is to get put back in prison the same day you escape??" he cried, accenting the words "same day" with two more strikes from the handgun.

Dolenz raised his hands in self defense. "Please," he sobbed. "The c-cops made me help! I d-didn't wanna get involved, they made me!!" Baby Face snorted and jerked Dolenz back, letting his head hit the side of the car before letting go of his hair. He pointed the gun at the boy's face, and Dolenz started to whimper. "Please don't shoot. Don't shoot me!"



"STRIP! Take off your clothes."

He frowned and looked around. "Now?"

"No, a week from Tuesday! YES, now. Take off your fucking clothes!!"

Dolenz drew back slightly, shaking his head despite his obvious fear of the gun. "I... it's... it's c-cold."

Baby Face growled and glared down at his captive. "Wanna know what's colder, punk? Dead bodies!" He shoved the gun against Dolenz's head, forcing him back against the car. "Do you want to die, Dolenz? Huh?? DO YOU??"

Dolenz was already shaking his head, his trembling hands held up in supplication. "No, no!" he cried. "Please-"

"Do what I tell you, and I won't kill you," he said. "Sound simple enough?" His twin nodded. "Good. Now strip." Baby Face stepped back, but he kept the gun trained on the other man's head. Dolenz took off his shirt, fumbling a little with the buttons in his nervousness. He dropped the shirt on the ground, but Baby Face shook his head. "Put it in the car," he said. Dolenz did as he said, then stood up slowly and started to take off the rest of his clothes.

"That's good enough," he said when Dolenz was down to his boxers. "Now. On your knees." The drummer got down on his knees, wincing when his skin touched the rough gravel. "Do not move," Baby Face said, taking a few steps back. He moved toward the trunk of the car, keeping his eye and his gun on Dolenz. He managed to open the trunk, and took a quick look inside. He pushed aside a few jackets, a pair of drum sticks and some other miscellaneous junk until he found what he was looking for. A broad grin spread across his face, and he pulled out the crowbar, testing the weight of it in his hand. "Perfect."

"You know, my... my friends will m-miss me," Micky said, shivering in the cool air. "They... I'm supposed to be home now. I'll b-bet they already called the police."

Baby Face chuckled. He shut the trunk door and walked slowly back to stand in front of Micky. "I'm not too worried about that," he said, grinning down at him. "And I wouldn't worry about your friends missing you. I'll be heading over there in just a little while. I've got a score to settle with a couple of specialists."

"What? N-no, you leave my friends alone!"

Baby Face laughed. "Hey, Micky? Remember how I said I wasn't going to kill you?" He nodded. "I lied."

"WHAT?" Baby Face hit Dolenz on the shoulder with the crowbar, not bothering to switch it to his right hand. The blow was still hard enough to knock the kid to the ground. Dolenz cried out and scrambled away. Baby Face let him go. He wouldn't get far. The gravel was too rough to manage well with no shoes. Baby Face casually set the crowbar down and reached into the car to turn on the headlights. He had a clear view of Dolenz struggling to get away. He'd managed to get to his feet, and was "running" as best he could across the lot.

Baby Face raised his weapon and fired, catching Micky in the calf. The boy screamed and went down. Baby Face holstered the gun, picked up his weapon of choice and walked with slow, deliberate steps back to his victim. Dolenz wasn't even trying to move anymore. He'd grabbed his leg, and was now staring at his blood-soaked hand in total shock. Baby Face could hear his frightened, gasping breaths from yards away. When he noticed Baby Face coming for him, Micky's breathing got faster, and he started to cry. He still couldn't seem to make himself move, which suited Baby Face perfectly. He didn't feel like chasing anyone around tonight.

When he reached the musician, Baby Face looked down at him for a few seconds, just drinking in the sight. It was a little strange to see his own face looking so utterly terrified, but it didn't deter him in any way. In fact, it made the idea of killing him all the more desirable. Bartholomew Philistine Morales was unique. He had no intention of sharing face time with some goody-goody doppelganger.

Baby Face raised the crowbar and slammed it down on Dolenz's arm. There was a gratifying scream, and the sound of a bone breaking. Dolenz tried to pull away, dragging himself a few inches with his other arm. Unconcerned, Baby Face picked another spot - a knee cap - and struck again. Baby Face could see the panic level rising in the man, as his possibility for escape decreased. His whole body shook, he was still crying hard, and he frantically scrambled with his two good limbs, trying to get away.

Baby Face took out the other leg, then started pounding furiously with the crowbar, no longer concerned with where the blows landed. He beat the boy for several minutes, not stopping until there were no more screams - no more struggling. When he finally stopped, his arms were exhausted, and he took a few moments to catch his breath. He reached down and touched Dolenz's neck, searching for a pulse. None. Good. He dragged the bruised, bloody carcass toward the remains of the construction site and searched for a place to stash it. He settled on a large crate that was marked "piping". He hefted the body into it the crate, dragged a piece of tarp over it and weighed the tarp down with a few broken pieces of concrete he found nearby.

It wasn't the most secure spot to stash a body, but there weren't any deep holes around and he didn't have a shovel. Fortunately, this place had been abandoned for years, and there wasn't any reason for someone to snoop around. When things settled down, and he'd finished his mission, he would come back and hide it properly. Now, it was time to get started on phase two. He headed back to the car and changed into Micky's outfit. He bundled up his prison clothes and shoes, and decided to dump them somewhere else, rather than leave them near the body. He got into the car, and drove slowly away from the lot. Once back on the road, he made all speed back to the main part of the city, and down to that little apartment on the beach.

Chapter 2

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